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Local skiers star in StoneBroke Films release

Courtesy photoTruckee's Trent Palmer recently released his first "real" ski movie, "Alone," from his home-grown StoneBroke Films production company.

“With absolutely no support from sponsors, filmmaker Trent Palmer features a banging line-up of a whole bunch of skiers you’ve never heard of, doing what they love…”

So reads the backside of the DVD for Truckee local Trent Palmer’s new ski movie, “Alone.”

A labor of love for the 20-year-old Truckee Meadows Community College student, who was born and raised in Truckee, “Alone” represents the culmination of Palmer’s inspiration and frugality.

Inspiration because the self-taught videographer has been filming his talented friends on the hill since his sophomore year at Truckee High. Frugality because ever since, he has spent every spare dollar he’s had on high-end camera equipment and video editing hardware and software.

The result is a tight, 27-minute ski movie with an emphasis on urban rails and other man-made terrain features, a nice flow, and a slew of memorable locations that Tahoe locals will recognize.

“Last year I was like, ‘Let’s do it for real.’ So we spent the whole season filming, trying to make our first DVD,” Palmer said.

Filmed in and around the Lake Tahoe/Truckee/Reno area last winter, “Alone” epitomizes the independent ski film genre. As is bragged about on the DVD cover, Palmer had no sponsors to help with the cost of putting the film together ” something that he won’t be able to say about his next movie, as both Smith Goggles and Volkl Skis have signed up to help him out this season ” just a little help from filmer Scott Nikkel.

“I did my best to try to find sponsors and get people motivated about it,” Palmer said, “but it wasn’t happening. And it makes sense because we didn’t have any DVDs to show. But I feel like I can compete with most of the other companies in terms of film quality and all of that. This first one was more to prove that we could do it, and then the film I’m going to do this season should be a lot better.”

The cast of athletes in “Alone” matches the character of the film perfectly, with little-known but gifted locals like Sean Collin (a friend of Palmer’s from high school), Matt Nelson, Tyler Homen, Dylan Curry, Andy McDowell, Alex Dorzynski and Casey Kruger all taking turns throwing down on the hill, in the park and on the street.

Funny athlete-interview interludes separate the different segments and help keep the film lighthearted.

Plans for a couple of premieres are still in the works, and now that there’s decent snow in the Tahoe region, Palmer and crew are already out filming for the next StoneBroke movie.

“Alone” is available for purchase from the StoneBroke Films Web site, http://www.StonebrokeFilms.com, for $15, as well as at a number of local ski shops around the Tahoe region.

Watch them. Some are pretty funny, especially the short “Trains” segment that didn’t make the movie.

“I spent every penny I had on camera equipment… I still do. It’s the only way I can go I guess. If I want to keep up with the big companies, I need all the right equipment. So I live like a bum just so I can do all this.”

“That is something that came about when we were first trying to make an intro that said “StoneBroke Films.” We never ended up using the intro, but we took a still of the penguin and made a cut-out and it was a perfect sticker and people love it. So we just kind of went with it. It’s weird now because I’ll be driving around and see someone with a penguin on their car and wonder, ‘Who is that? How did they get that?’ Because this company is mostly just me, and I make all the stickers myself, and I don’t know how people get them.

“I never wanted to be a pro skier, because I know how that works ” you have only a couple-year shot, and then you’re done. So I was like: How can I be out there, and be paid to be skiing, and have all the fun with these guys, and be in the best places on earth, without having to destroy myself in the process? And this was just the way I could be there… So ideally I would like to make a career out of it.”

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