Man quits Tahoe swim after 3.7 miles |

Man quits Tahoe swim after 3.7 miles

Sun News Service

Tom Hecker’s body was telling him that one marathon swim per year is enough.

Hecker stopped his quest to swim from Camp Richardson to Incline Village 3.7 miles into the 22.1-mile swim on Tuesday night.

The 56-year-old San Diego man was troubled by soreness in both of his shoulders.

“At three miles I just knew I wasn’t going to be able to tough it out for the whole 22 miles,” he said. “I should have listened more closely to my coach when he said my attempt for Tahoe was too soon after my Manhattan swim.”

Earlier this summer, Hecker completed the 28-mile swim around Manhattan Island.

Hecker delayed his attempt by a day after high winds kicked up on Monday. He said conditions were ideal ” the lake was calm and the water temperature was 67.5 degrees ” when he departed on Tuesday night.

Hecker said he is considering making another attempt next summer.