My Turn: Super committee, indeed |

My Turn: Super committee, indeed

I am just an ordinary citizen voter who is getting disgusted with politics for the few instead of for the good of the country.

A SUPER COMMITTEE implies that these are upstanding, smart people with leadership qualities, and yet they did nothing but bicker. The Republicans standing on their “no new taxes” pledge to somebody in their party who was never elected and#8212; there was absolutely no room for compromise, so why bother? Now they whine that there was no leadership from President Obama and#8212; excuse me, get out of the sandbox, grow up and do your job. In private industry, you shirk your responsibilities, you get fired; in government you stay on the dole of the taxpayers and play the blame game. You guys, this is important.

Declaring pizza a “vegetable” was/is ridiculous and a waste of time and#8212; besides, it only promotes obesity in our children. Tomato paste is not a vegetable. It’s so awful by itself you have to cover it with lots of cheese (spell fat) on a piece of bread, which is carbo. What clever brain thought that one up? I guess it’s easier than working on the deficit. It’s about time you Congress-people get out of our bedrooms and our kitchens and run this country to the benefit of all, not just for the super rich.

Talk about civility in the political arena, there is none. We, the voters, are fed out-and-out lies, half truths and statements taken out of context and#8212; how are we to choose? Or does it come down to voting for the lesser evil? I would like to hear a noisy, vocal, truth committee in the media after each debate.

It’s an accepted fact that most of our representatives come out of Washington a whole lot richer than when they arrived. Insider trading is a powerful tool, and the people who avail themselves of it (see “60 Minutes”) also make the laws with huge loopholes to slip through, and they can always claim: “I didn’t do anything wrong.” Technically correct, but the way I see it, it is legalized corruption. Besides protecting your new-found millions with the cry to extend Bush’s tax cut for the super-rich, which included his own extended family, it is not a noble cause, but self-enrichment. Eliminating the extension of this super tax cut is not new taxes, it’s going back to a more equitable tax system.

Starting two expensive wars, with a tax cut to the same people who benefit from a war industry to the tune of billions, in my simple mind, never made sense.

I am sure the pro-lifers are upstanding people, but why then turn around and try to cut health care and strangle school budgets for the same babies they try to save? Does that sound a bit schizophrenic?

President Obama might have his faults and#8212; his hands are tied by Congress. However, at least he has a brain; he inherited a country in dire need of common sense and cooperation on both sides, not party politics, and above all, he and his wife are moral people. So far I have seen no one better to run this country, but I will keep an open mind.

Everybody who is out there protesting, please research the issues, and above all, vote. Make your voices known at the ballot box and#8212; only then do you have the right to sound off.

and#8212; Helga Sable is a Tahoe Vista resident.

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