Oakland wins, Tennessee loses, my UPickEm score suffers | SierraSun.com

Oakland wins, Tennessee loses, my UPickEm score suffers

Paul Raymore
Sierra Sun

What the heck happened in pro football this past weekend?

It’s not that I didn’t expect the Raiders to ever win a third game … just not against the Denver Broncos (although that’s awesome that the rivalry got them motivated), and not by 21 points.

That result, and the Tennessee Titans losing for the first time all year to the New York Jets, left me sitting way down the table in the Sierra Sun’s UPickEm Pro Football contest this week.

Oh well. Sometimes you’ve just got to appreciate the unexpected.

Unless your name is Bob Habeger, and you scored 13 points this past week, taking the top prize and a $30 Pete ‘n Peters gift certificate for his efforts. Or if you happen to be second-place finisher Christopher Cattran, who finished second for two weeks in a row now and gets a $20 Blue Coyote gift certificate to compliment the Pete ‘n Peters prize he got last week.

Think you can do better? Then get in the game now at SierraSun.com/ProFootball. Each week you pick the winner for each pro football game up to 15 minutes before it is scheduled to start. And each week the player with the most correct picks (see Web site for tie-breaker rules) wins their choice of a Blue Coyote or Pete ‘N Peters gift certificate, with second place taking the prize not selected by the winner.

In addition, we publish the names of the top 10 or so local players every Wednesday, meaning that even if you don’t win, at least you can brag if you beat your friends.

So get in the game! Log on to http://www.SierraSun.com/ProFootball now and sign up.