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On the popularity wave

To tell you the truth, I’ve never understood the popularity of the sports columns that have those short snippets of supposed “witticisms” and observations from the world of sports.

Every time I read one of those columns, I can’t help thinking that some smart-alecky sports writer no brighter than myself wrote that column on the back of an envelope with a deadline looming in order to fill up some space.

(Oops – guess I just realized why those columns are so popular these days.)

n The only thing more embarrassing than admitting that I was out fishing at Coldstream Pond a few days after the Kids’ Fishing Derby is admitting that I didn’t catch any fish. Rumor has it that there are still three 10-pound fish lurking in the pond, so I’m not above admitting I might head out there again. But I’m not the only angler who’s been shut- out at the pond – another unnamed Sun reporter has been out there twice without any success.

n I wasn’t the only one over the age of 12 out at the pond the other night. In fact, I overheard one father telling his young son “We’ll go home to dinner as soon as Daddy catches one more fish.” Well, after about an hour with no luck, Junior was getting awfully hungry.

n Why is it that the supposedly stupid stocked trout in Coldstream Pond won’t go for any of the dozens of lures in my tackle box, but I can catch lunker backcountry Rainbow using that most sophisticated of enticements – sparkle Power Bait?

n That vow I made to never follow the San Francisco Giants following the trade of Matt Williams to Cleveland – I take it back.

n OK, so I drove down to 3-COM (at Candlestick Point) last week to watch that team I vowed I’d never pay money to see again. Couldn’t tell you what the final score was (Giants lost), but WOW, $5.25 for a cold one – I can sure remember that. I didn’t realize the Giants were paying Barry Bonds’ salary out of the beer concessions.

n Exactly where does the line for refunds for Oakland A’s season-ticket holders begin?

n Word on the street has it that that this year’s version of the Tahoe-Truckee High School football team is, believe it or not, much better than last year’s state championship team. 290, 220, 220 and 215 aren’t scores from the bowling league – the numbers are the size of the anticipated starting line this season. A record turnout of 59 varsity players begins practice next Thursday.

n So it seems Reno is out of the running for the 49ers training camp location and Stockton has emerged as the front-runner. Being deemed a less desireable location than Stockton – I’d be worried about my job if I was a Reno tourism official. I wasn’t impressed with the 49ers offensive line, over-the-hill quarterback or running game during the game vs. the Chargers – maybe the 49ers really do deserve Stockton.

(Erick Studenicka is the sportswriter for the Sierra Sun.)

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