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On the Run: Sports change with the season

This is one for the record books.

I can see the headline forming:

Sierra Sun Sports Writer Makes It Through All Three Seasons of High School Sports!

I was initiated into Truckee football and soccer fever midway through the fall season, starting with the basics like, “where is the high school again?” and slowly progressing to learning player’s names, playing styles and how to work successfully with overworked coaches.

Now that the last spring sports teams have wrapped up for the 2001 season, I am left to ponder my first year of newspaper writing. Nine months of E-mails, voice mails, personal visits and phone calls from community members, parents and athletes have served as essential guides along my path to the goal of producing a community sports and recreation section that receives acclaim from its readers rather than disgruntled mumblings.

As the doors to TTHS close for the summer months, I am also facing another reality as I sit at my desk. Freed temporarily from the endless hunt for stats, scores and quotes, I now have three, four or five vast pages of sports to fill every week.

I know, I know, you’re thinking, “Are you kidding? The Truckee/Tahoe area is practically bursting at the seams with recreation and sports stories to educate, entertain and inform the reader.”

Here I come to my point. The next few months are a prime opportunity to explore the annals of Truckee life, from the 100-year-old fly fisherman to the 5-year-old extremist who is hucking his body off 200-foot cliffs (if anyone knows a child wonder such as this, please alert me to his whereabouts).

We are going to be making some changes to the Sports section in an effort to reach a wider range of readers in the area and to reassert the fact that this town is a sports town like no other. This is where the collaborative part comes in. Starting next week, I will begin a new section that highlights a “hike of the week” or something to that effect.

This feature will include photographs, directions, descriptions of the trail, facilities, difficulty, dog options, etc. and will change weekly to cover the Basin area.

Of course, by sharing my weekly travels with the public, I in turn will be looking for feedback, new ideas and contributions and most importantly – respect.

Like most nature enthusiasts, I am always looking for the road less traveled by and am eager to share my finds with friends and locals who want to escape the masses post-Memorial Day.

All I ask in return is that these areas are respected, so I don’t find myself carrying out 20 dirty and weathered Natural Light beer cans like I did last weekend. Enough said.

Also, I know that people in the community have stories to recount. I was recently told by a reader that many residents are too shy to approach me or don’t know that my door is open to sagas of personal triumph and the like. Consider this a knock on your door. While I may not always write a story about your dog that can windsurf or the fact that Susie can jump rope for six hours without a single misstep, I will always welcome the suggestion.

As the sports pages explore new areas, I could use a few traveling companions or at the very least a road sign or two to head me in the right direction. In the meantime, I will do my best to provide quality sports coverage to keep you entertained as you sit in traffic through these long, but glorious summer months.

Lara Mullin is the Sierra Sun sports writer and can be reached at 587-6061 or sun@tahoe.com.

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