Prep Alpine skiing: North Tahoe, Truckee finish 2-3 in opener |

Prep Alpine skiing: North Tahoe, Truckee finish 2-3 in opener

Sun Staff report

North Tahoe and Truckee finished second and third, respectively, behind South Tahoe in the season-opening Tahoe Basin League race at Alpine Meadows on Wednesday.

The Vikings captured the top spot overall in the GS race with a combined score of 348 between their boys and girls squads. The Lakers posted a 293 and the Wolverines a 288. Douglas (218) came in fourth overall, Whittell (215) fifth and Incline (153) sixth.

South Tahoe swept both the boys’ and girls’ team competitions, while also taking the top spots individually.

In the boys’ race, North Tahoe freshman Nico Monforte finished third behind South Tahoe’s Mikey Suglian and Incline’s Fulton Alexander to record the Laker boys’ only top-10 finish. The Lakers’ Ryan Faye finished 18th, Daniel Longo was 19th, Elliot Headley 22nd, Addison Granger 26th, Tilen Lane 30th, Trevor Semmons 35th and Brett Bahrke 37th.

Nico Kuyper led the Truckee boys in 11th place. Teammate Dillon Harrington finished 14th, Zac Bush 16th, Wil Clausen 17th, Stein Retzlaff 20th, Brandon Craddock 23rd and Zach Pearson 25th.

North Tahoe junior Kelsey Wittels led the Laker girls with a fourth-place finish, while teammates Tannyr Pasvantis and Taylor Pasvantis placed seventh and eighth, respectively. Jana Lane was 18th, Emily Nall 19th, Sydney Lancaster 24th, Kelly Altick 26th and Charlotte Henn 28th.

Ali Gerrard led the Truckee girls in fifth place. Danielle Smallman finished 10th for the Wolverines, Hanna Casares was 14th, Whitney Reed 16th, Cami Straw 17th, Sara Williams 20th, Marine Dageville 23rd and Karlie Mohun 25th.


Wednesdayand#8217;s GS at Alpine Meadows

Overall team scores

1. South Tahoe 348, 2. North Tahoe 293, 3. Truckee 288, 4. Douglas 218, 5. Whittell 215, 6. Incline 153.

Girlsand#8217; team scores

1. South Tahoe 172, 2. North Tahoe 159, 3. Truckee 150, 4. Douglas 127, 5. Whittell 82, 6. Incline 39.

Girlsand#8217; top 10

1. Maddie Bowman, South Tahoe, 1:01.27

2. Hillary Sapp, Douglas, 1:01.74

3. Ashley Killeen, ST, 1:02.14

4. Kelsey Wittels, North Tahoe, 1:02.50

5. Ali Gerrard, Truckee, 1:03.99

6. Crystal Rutledge, Douglas, 1:04.49

7. Tannyr Pasvantis, North Tahoe, 1:06.12

8. Taylor Pasvantis, North Tahoe, 1:06.29

9. Melissa Smith, ST, 1:06.34

10. Danielle Smallman, Truckee, 1:06.53

Boysand#8217; team scores

1. South Tahoe 176, 2. Truckee 138, 3. North Tahoe 134, 4. Whittell 133, 5. Incline 114, 6. Douglas 91.

Boysand#8217; top 10

1. Mikey Suglian, South Tahoe, 58.46

2. Fulton Alexander, Incline, 58.55

3. Nico Monforte, North Tahoe, 59.68

4. Luca Genasci, ST, 59.79

5. Simon Nikles, Whittell, 1:01.19

6. Erich Baumann, ST, 1:01.62

7. Hughston Norton, Whittell, 1:02.09

8. Bedient Davis, Incline, 1:03.74

9. Jake Daum, ST, 1:03.84

10. Mark Bergsohn, ST, 1:03.89