Prep Nordic racing: Sugar Bowl hosts sunny freestyle race |

Prep Nordic racing: Sugar Bowl hosts sunny freestyle race

Staff report
Incline's Nelson Bedient competes in the JV boys race at the Sugar Bowl Freestyle.
Courtesy Mark Nadell / MacBeth Graphics |

Sugar Bowl Freestyle results

Varsity boys

1. Haydn Halvorsen, SBA, 13:18.1

2. JC Schoonmaker, NT, 13:23.0

3. Casey Jobe, Truckee, 13:27.9

4. Dylan Syben, NT, 13:56.3

5. Trace Calvin, Mammoth, 14:01.5

Varsity girls

1. Hannah Halvorsen, SBA, 15:21.3

2. Quinn Lehmkuhl, NT, 15:58.8

3. Sofia Sanchez, NT, 15:59.3

4. Ella Kuzyk, SBA, 16:04.0

5. Jenna Rohlf, Truckee, 16:57.6

Middle school boys

1. Nikolas Burkhart, NT, 13:32.8

2. Bodhi Kuzyk, AC, 14:31.5

3. Alan Tester, AC, 15:01.5

4. Sander Brun, AC, 15:15.1

5. Phoenix Sanchez, NT, 16:22.0

Middle school girls

1. Nina Seemann, NT, 13:17.93

2. Lexie Madigan, SBA, 13:23.57

3. Britta Winans, AC, 13:38.96

4. Frances Hamilton, SBA, 14:06.84

5. Caitlin Smith, AC, 14:55.05

Fresh snow and sunshine greeted high school and middle school athletes in the second CNISSF race of the season, the Sugar Bowl Freestyle, on Friday.

In the team competition, North Tahoe’s varsity boys claimed victory among eight schools with 242 points in the 5K race. Mammoth was runner-up with 216 points and Truckee was third with 190. The Sugar Bowl Academy (124) was fourth and Nevada Union (115) fifth.

Sugar Bowl Academy’s varsity girls won with a high score of 248 points to North Tahoe’s 224 and Truckee’s 202. Nevada Union (128) and Colfax were fourth and fifth, respectively.

In middle school racing, which took on a 3K course, the Alder Creek and North Tahoe boys both led the way with 385 points and were followed by Tahoe Expeditionary with 342. North Tahoe’s girls edged Alder Creek by a single point, 380-379, while Tahoe Expeditionary was third with 338 and Sugar Bowl Academy fourth with 196.

Individually, Sugar Bowl Academy senior Hannah Halvorsen returned from Nationals to win the varsity girls race ahead of North Tahoe’s Quinn Lehmkuhl and Sofia Sanchez. They were trailed by Ella Kuzyk of the Sugar Bowl Academy and Jenna Rohlf, who led Truckee in fifth place.

Haydn Halvorsen of the Sugar Bowl Academy took first place, JC Schoonmaker of North Tahoe was second and Casey Jobe of Truckee was third in the varsity boys race. North Tahoe’s Dylan Syben was fourth.

North Tahoe skiers captured wins in middle school races, with Nikolas Burkhart winning for the boys and Nina Seemann winning for the girls.

Alder Creek races took the next three spots in the boys race — Bodhi Kuzyk, Alan Tester and Sander Brun — while North Tahoe’s Phoenix Sanchez was fifth. In the girls race, Lexie Madigan of the Sugar Bowl Academy was second, Britta Winans of Alder Creek third, Frances Hamilton of the Sugar Bowl Academy fourth and Caitlin Smith of Alder Creek fifth.

Complete results are available on the Far West Nordic website and a photo gallery on Mark Nadell’s MacBeth Graphics site. Next up on the CNISSF calendar are the Truckee Sprints on Friday.