Prep soccer: Shaffer shines in All-League, All-State voting |

Prep soccer: Shaffer shines in All-League, All-State voting

Emma Garrard/Sierra SunTruckee senior Addie Shaffer was voted All-League and All-State MVP.

The Truckee and North Tahoe girls soccer teams landed 22 players on the Northern 3A All-League squad out of 44 spots total, with Truckee head coach Amy Valdivia voted Coach of the Year.

Truckee senior captain Addie Shaffer earned the highest honor, as the midfielder was voted both All-League and All-State Most Valuable Player.

In All-State voting, 11 players between the Lakers and Wolverines were named to the team among 54 selections total.

Besides Shaffer’s MVP, five Truckee players and four Lakers were voted to the All-League first team. For Truckee, Katie Dill was voted in at forward, Stephanie O’Neil and Kaitlin Cocard at halfback, Katy Stephens at fullback and Kelsi Decker as a utility player. For North Tahoe, Sage Clark earned first-team honors at forward along with teammates Jenna Burnside at halfback, Christina Lane at fullback and Kea Jolicoeur at goalkeeper.

Truckee’s Kelsey Porter made second team at forward, while teammates Shannon Nicholls earned the honor at halfback, Kennedy Power at fullback and Mikaela Arnstein as a utility player. The Lakers’ Lexey Dalmau-Jones also was voted to the second team at halfback.

The following players earned honorable mention recognition: Carly Leininger (North Tahoe), Jana Lane (North Tahoe), Kelly Holman (North Tahoe), Jesse McGinley (Truckee), Annika Deurlington (Truckee), Allison Gerrard (Truckee), and Serena Dill (Truckee).

All-State voting was not as kind to Truckee and North Tahoe, as only Shaffer, Dill and O’Neil retained their first team status from All-League.

For the Lakers, Clark and Jolicouer were voted to the second team, while Christina Lane and Jenna Burnside were given honorable mention recognition.

On the Truckee side, Decker and midfielder Kaitlin Cocard were voted to the second team and Stephens and Nicholls received honorable mention.

Most Valuable Player: Addie Shaffer, Truckee

Offensive Player of the Year: Sasha Rupp, Whittell

Defensive Player of the Year: Chloe Breider, Incline

Coach of the Year: Amy Valdivia, Truckee


Forward: Kelli Cherry, Incline

Forward: Katie Dill, Truckee

Forward: Sage Clark, North Tahoe

Halfback: Stephanie O’Neil, Truckee

Halfback: Chelsea Bolton, Incline

Halfback: Jenna Burnside, North Tahoe

Halfback: Kaitlin Cocard, Truckee

Fullback: Gabriella Tracy, Whittell

Fullback: Christina Lane, North Tahoe

Fullback: Katy Stephens, Truckee

Goalkeeper: Kea Jolicoeur, North Tahoe

Utility Player: Kelsi Decker, Truckee


Forward: Lyric Amsterdam, Whittell

Forward: Nikki Longland, Sparks

Forward: Kelsey Porter, Truckee

Halfback: Ashley Donaldson, Incline

Halfback: Shannon Nicholls, Truckee

Halfback: Lexey Dalmau-Jones, North Tahoe

Halfback: Sammy Brumbach, Whittell

Fullback: Beatriz Del la Puente, Sparks

Fullback: Haley Forsyth, Incline

Fullback: Kennedy Power, Truckee

Goalkeeper: Sasha Severance, Incline

Utility Player: Mikaela Arnstein, Truckee


Carly Leininger, North Tahoe

Jana Lane, North Tahoe

Kelly Holman, North Tahoe

Jesse McGinley, Truckee

Annika Deurlington, Truckee

Allison Gerrard, Truckee

Serena Dill, Truckee

Jessica Mendoza, Sparks

Brenda Martinez, Sparks

Clarissa Hurtado, Sparks

Rosa Del la Puente, Sparks

Erin Canino, Incline

Megan Peterson, Incline

Charlene O’Connor, Incline

Taylor Shepack, Whittell

Kendra Nelson , Whittell

Sammy Rupp, Whittell

Most Valuable Player: Addie Shaffer, Truckee, Midfield

Player of the Year: Sydney Spoon, Faith Lutheran

Offensive Player of the Year: Rebecca Paul, Spring Creek

Defensive Player of the Year: Jacque Olive, Virgin Valley

Coach of the Year: Greg Leseberg, Pahrump Valley


Forward: Katie Dill, Truckee

Forward: Melissa Ewing, Pahrump Valley

Forward: Sasha Rupp, Whittell

Midfield: Andrea Empey, Spring Creek

Midfield: Stephanie O’Neil, Truckee

Midfield: Krystal Onyema, Faith Lutheran

Midfield: Samantha Sposato, Pahrump Valley

Defender: Kelly Bradley, Fernley

Defender: Chloe Breider, Incline

Defender: Jessica Nelson, Faith Lutheran

Goalkeeper: Kyla Siri, Spring Creek

Utility Player: Krista Klebenow, Spring Creek


Forward: Sage Clark, North Tahoe

Forward: Erika Garcia, Dayton

Forward: Carly Weisenborn, Boulder City

Midfield: Jessica Bessert, Spring Creek

Midfield: Chelsea Bolton, Incline

Midfield: Kaitlin Cocard, Truckee

Midfield: Shelby Hughes, Pahrump Valley

Defense: Carsen McBeath, Faith Lutheran

Defense: Gabriella Tracy, Whittle

Defense: Ashley Wooden, Spring Creek

Goalkeeper: Kea Jolicouer, North Tahoe

Utility Player: Kelsi Decker, Truckee


Katy Stephens, Truckee

Shannon Nicholls, Truckee

Jenna Bernardo, North Tahoe

Christina Lane, North Tahoe

Emily Babb, Moapa Valley

Vilma Arauz, Dayton

Tayler Raymer , Pahrump Valley

Gil Raymond, Moapa Valley

Kelli Cherry, Incline

Dominque Romero, Fernley

Madeleine Courvoisier, Faith Lutheran

Lola Rosas, Lovelock

Sasha Severence, Incline

Caitlin Forrester, Boulder City

Reisa Saddoris, Spring Creek

Ashley Jorgensen, Boulder City

Leah Kennedy, Dayton

Melissa Stewart, Boulder City

Alesha Stoffel, Fernley

Kimmy Martinez, Virgin Valley

Stephanie Tolbert, Lowry

Morgan Miller, Fernley

Ashlee Wouden, Spring Creek

Sara Moser, Pahrump Valley

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