Principal steps in as Lakers’ athletic director |

Principal steps in as Lakers’ athletic director

Alex Close
Sierra Sun

In the wake of Scott Everist’s resignation as the North Tahoe High School athletic director, NTHS Principal Bill Frey will be taking the reigns.

For nearly two months after Everist’s resignation, rumors fluttered about his replacement, who it would be and where they would come from.

Frey made it clear that he wanted to hire someone from within the North Tahoe campus to fill Everist’s shoes.

With less than a month remaining before the start of the fall sports seasons, Frey gave up his search for a new athletic director and simply took on the title himself.

The principal said that he talked to multiple people within the North Tahoe campus, but all of them were hesitant to take on the responsibility in addition to their existing duties. But Frey said in the end, it was not something he wanted to push on anyone and he is comfortable in the position.

“I don’t have a problem doing it,” Frey said.

This is not the first time Frey has had to step into the AD position. Two years ago, preceding Everist’s tenure, Frey had been the AD from 2003 to 2005, after Ed Turner resigned and another replacement could not be found.

Thus Frey is familiar with the responsibility of holding down both the principal and AD positions.

“It’s just one more thing that I’m going to have to juggle,” he said.

AD duties include scheduling games, fields, officials, transportation, managing budgets and many other administrative tasks.

While Everist put into place many things that will make the job a bit smoother than it was two years ago when Frey last held it, the position is still not an easy one to take on, especially in addition to another full-time job, much less as principal.

But Frey acknowledged that Everist’s accomplishments will make the job easier than the last time around.

“Scott laid a pretty good foundation,” Frey said.

With the Lakers dropping from the NIAA’s Northern 3A division to the Northern 2A, things will be different this year. Organizational issues will shift, as the Lakers will be dealing with smaller schools that don’t have the same staffing resources as North Tahoe, Frey said.

Despite inheriting yet another hat to wear, statewide AD meetings in Las Vegas to attend and another school year creeping up, Frey said it’s all about his students.

“We’re all here for the kids anyway,” Frey said. “It’s just a matter of what we can accomplish.”