Rock and roll- and snowboards |

Rock and roll- and snowboards

I just finished an article in Transworld Snowboarding. It was about the 2002 World Snowboarding Championships in Vail last season. I thought it would be an article on the championships, not the “scene.”But I was being nave. This was Transworld. Could I expect anything different? Maybe a writing level above the 10th grade, perhaps?No.”After the contest ended, everyone found their way to the sundeck, where many libations were enjoyed – some more than others,”What?I think I may have used sentences like that in a high school English paper on how I wanted my driver license. But even that essay was better than this swill.In the end of the party-hardy article, the writer concluded that since it’s the World Championships, they should become the solar system championships held on Uranus.Hardy-har-har. Oh, my side is killing me I’m laughing so dang hard.Another article was on Transworld’s Team Challenge 2002 in Snow Summit in Southern California bragged about being kicked out of a bar, leaving a “wake of destruction in their path” and not being welcomed back to the hotel ever.If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that this was a page out of Motley Crew’s “Girls, Girls, Girls Tour” road diary from 1980-something, minus the girls.So, maybe that’s it. Maybe they all want to be rock stars.The Marshall Mathers wannabes say it’s social protest against the infrastructure of devilish Corporate America, but it’s really just a selfish excuse to thrash, trash and party hard. They don’t make inroads on corporations. They bring in business to the corporations.Let’s not kid ourselves, the real reason season passes and lift tickets aren’t cheap is because lift systems are expensive. Business people aren’t money gougers, for the most part. They’re your average Joe and Jane Schmoes doing what’s necessary to stay afloat and keep customers happy. If you’re not in business to make profit, then you’re a moron.If you are in the clique that I am currently launching my diatribe at, then I know you don’t come from Spanish Harlem, Compton or south Phoenix. You come from the Upper West Side, Anaheim and Scottsdale. Those are the nice neighborhoods, a.k.a., the suburbs, not the trailer parks or the ‘hoods. Get over it.So what’s with the Tommy Lee impression? He can afford to trash a whole floor of the Bellagio.Jeremy Jones can afford to trash a Motel 6.Gwen Stefani could overdose and go to the Betty Ford clinic and be back on tour with her bandmates in six weeks. Tara Dakides could break her back and be completely forgotten by 2004 while sucking up welfare checks or her parents’ retirement funds.Snowboards, despite what low-aptitude magazines and video game producers say, is just a sport, i.e., a game. A large chunk of riders approach it like that and have solid perspectives on life: You’re blessed with what you’re doing, so have fun and enjoy it while you can, because tomorrow it may not be here and it’s your turn to work a real job.Reality check: You ain’t a rock star. If you think you will be, quit snowboarding and pick up a guitar and start working. If you’re over 20, you’re too old. You’re too old to develop enough talent to make it (Although, Billy Ray Cyrus didn’t pick up a guitar until he was 21), so go to school, get a real job, lay off the weed and buy an album or two from the real rock stars.And don’t trash any motel rooms. If you do, the CEO of Intrawest won’t clean up after you, but a maid from Guadalajara raising two kids on $8 an hour will.Matt Riddle is sports reporter for the Sierra Sun.

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