Season continues to frustrate |

Season continues to frustrate

Well, here it is, yet another ranting seasonal blurb at Close Range.

I know everyone is tired of hearing about what a weak winter this has been. I just can’t quite help but think back to this time last year. After nearly 30 straight days of snowfall through March, the skiing was still fresh in April.

This year it seems people are begging for the flurries to stop and the air to warm.

Boats are starting to emerge out of weathered tarps from Tahoe Vista to Tahoma.

Mountain bike chains are being lubed, hiking boots oiled.

Yet something is wrong.

The snow just keeps on blowing.

In attempt to maintain the most frustrating winter ever, flurries keep on coming every few days, perpetuating a constant overcast gloom and frigid feel to the Jewel of the Sierra.

Sure, a few resorts are still open, pockets of backcountry are still rideable. Why complain at a little extra padding on the ground to keep us on those planks just a bit longer?

I’ll give you a reason: This winter sucked and I want to stop thinking about it.

I guess in reality I shouldn’t really complain. The bike trails are virtually clear and better yet, there is a soft layer of mud that leaves pedalers pridefully spackled, validating a good ride.

The streets and trails are quiet, virtually void of tourists and gapers.

The bears are starting to come out in search of food, providing a lucky few hikers a glimpse of our wild neighbors.

Some people love springtime the best. While I recognize it’s magic, I don’t.

Give me the middle of summer or the middle of winter any day. I’ll take a zero-visibility powder day over spring corn.

I’ll take an afternoon sail on a cloudless Fourth of July weekend.

Of course, it is the bitter than makes us appreciate the sweet, and all four seasons have their dash of cinnamon.

But I’m looking forward to the double fudge brownie cake that is summer in Tahoe.

Alex Close is the assistant editor of the Tahoe World and a sportswriter for the Sierra Sun. He can be reached at

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