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Spoke ‘n Word | A cycling vacation is easier than you might think

My wife Lisa and I just returned from a fantastic bicycling holiday in the Andalucia region of southern Spain. We rode on single-lane mountain roads from Grenada to Cordoba, through the Spanish Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean coast. We had such a wonderful time, I thought Iand#8217;d summarize the best parts and provide a few tips to hopefully encourage some of you to try something like it.

Traveling through a country by bicycle allows you to smell, taste, touch, feel and experience the country in ways you canand#8217;t from a car. Bicycles travel fast enough to allow you to cover a decent amount of ground and see a variety of places, but slow enough to immerse you in the region, allowing you to experience everything it has to offer.

and#8220;The road less traveledand#8221; is typically the best route for a bicycle. As a result, we typically found ourselves exploring tiny mountain villages and stopping in obscure, out-of-the-way bars for mid-afternoon libations to experience towns we would have otherwise passed right by. The town of Baena is the perfect example.

We came across Baena, the self-proclaimed capital of Spainand#8217;s olive-growing region, after riding all day through rolling hills covered in symmetrical groves of centuries-old olive trees. The plowed chalky white soil between the trees provided a stunning contrast to the dark green olive trees. The town is perfectly picturesque and#8212; a classic Spanish town, complete with Moorish ruins, Christopher Columbus-era catholic churches, streets too narrow to accommodate most American cars, and a town square full of children playing in the fountain.

We headed for the most inviting cafe on the square and ordered a Fanta Limon and una Cerveza. The custom in southern Spain is for all drink orders to be accompanied by a small snack or tapas. Therefore, after working up a thirst and appetite touring the ruins, we checked out at least four more cafe/bars in order to adequately sample all the regional tapas offerings: manchego cheese, cured ham, sausages, fried fish, cured olives, calamari, mushroom sandwiches, egg/potato frittata and#8230; the list goes on.

Taking a bicycling holiday is much easier than you might think. Getting there is easy; international flights do not charge checked-luggage fees, even for oversize bicycles. Getting around is easy; public transportation is much more popular than in the U.S., is easily accessible and very safe. Traveling light is easy; we each had one cycling outfit and one street-clothes outfit and all of our clothes fit into one small pannier each (bike bags that fit on the sides of the rear rack on my bike).

May is a great time to go. The weather was pleasant and not yet too hot. Tourist attractions and hotels are all open, but not yet swarmed and overcrowded. We didnand#8217;t make a single hotel reservation, instead trusting in our ability to find available hospitality in whichever town we decided to stop that night.

Planning a bicycle holiday is so easy that it doesnand#8217;t take much more planning than going for a day ride from your house. If itand#8217;s easy for someone like me who typically plans his vacations by reading the guidebook on the plane flight there, it will surely be easy for you!

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