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Spoke ‘n Words: Turn sweat equity into currency

A constant thirst for fun, learning, friends and all that life has to offer is often hard to resist, although strides to streamline your life by simplifying your day-to-day routine may prove to be beneficial in pursuit of balance.

It seems part of our mountain lifestyle is to pack everything into one day, whether a hike, run, kayak, walk, ski, ride and all of the other things that abound in our day-to-day routine.

I remember hearing a friend from San Francisco who was visiting me several summers ago ask how it was that everyone was out playing. My answer was simply because it’s fun. In some shape or form we are all here to have fun, and as spring blossoms into summer, why not take advantage of what social internet has to offer in the form of social recreation in simple form?

While tracking my training on the bike for the last several months, I stumbled upon many cool online training tools. The most noteworthy one was the +3 Network (www.plus3network.com), which is an online community. No, it’s not Myspace or Facebook, it’s actually an incentive-based internet training tool that allows you to connect to others for rides, to set goals, get motivated, and most importantly, support a cause.

The latter is what makes this community networking tool most noteworthy.

Every mile you log and every lap you swim, which you populate into the site, benefits a cause that you select, turning every activity into a fitness fundraiser. For instance, next week during “Bike to Work Week,” if you log in 35 miles on the bike, a designated sponsor (provided from within the +3 network website) will donate funds to a cause selected by you.

As a community, I bet we could really help to generate funds for various causes out in the world. And with a tool like the aforementioned, how can you go wrong? All you have to do is track your activities to generate funds for other causes. No teams, no races, no carwashes ” just simple recreation.

Knowing this, check your bike tire pressure, pack your work clothes in a bag and create an online +3 Network account to track your miles next week on your way to work and see how much your sponsors contribute to your personal selected cause.

Or, keep it simple, and just ride your bike to work.

” Team rider Matt Chappell is the author of this week’s Cyclepaths/Wild Cherries Racing column. Cyclepaths/Wild Cherries Racing is a Truckee-based cycling team focused on racing and local bike advocacy. For more information, results and upcoming events, visit http://www.cwcracing.org.

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