Summer vacation reminiscent of trips in the past |

Summer vacation reminiscent of trips in the past

In my youth I had some very rewarding experiences fishing with my family.I would spend my time fishing in the mornings and evenings when the summer heat would offer me the best chance of success.The midday was reserved for swimming and exploring. Little did I realize that the time I spent swimming and exploring the depths with my face mask and snorkel would help me become a better fisherman.I would observe the fish that were aware of my presence, but somehow not totally put off by it. They would continue to go about maintaining their positions in the current and occasionally darting to one side or the other or up to grab a morsel of food.These underwater excursions taught me much about fish behavior. This is very valuable if you are a fisherman.I could see the type of water in which they held during the hottest time of the day. This is can be very different from the early morning and evening locations. This really improves your summertime fishing.These were great times as I studied the fish, the aquatic insects, and just had a great time cooling off during a hot day. It was very special and I was fortunate to be able to have such experiences.Spending a couple of days with my son camping this past week allowed me to relive those days. I watched my son don a face mask and snorkel and head into one of the same rivers that I had done some snorkeling in my youth.We talked about what he was observing and he seemed to learn many of the same things that I had so many years before him. It was really wonderful seeing things through his eyes. It was as if I were seeing them for the first time again myself.We were exploring the North Fork of the Yuba river near Sierra City and Downieville. There is a lot of suction dredging being done on this river by those seeking “the motherlode.”There is a tremendous mining heritage in these areas. There are still several active gold mines as well as the many private parties searching for that elusive metal.This is a small river and does get an increasing amount of pressure. I have really seen the use by fishermen increase on this water in the 30-plus years that I have been visiting the area.A special regulation area between Sierra City and Ladies Canyon creek allows anglers to use only artificial lures or flies with barbless hooks. Only two fish over 10 inches may be possessed.This section is fairly difficult to access because the river runs through a canyon far from the main road, Highway 49, until just before Ladies Canyon creek.Not much has changed in these mountain communities.We camped in an area in the Gold Lakes Basin. What a great place to set up a camp and explore the surrounding area. There are many lakes and streams in the region to wet a line.One thing my son introduced me to was mountain biking on single-track trails.It was a somewhat painful experience as I got my indoctrination into falling off the bike and hitting some of the trailside granite. I am sporting the “road rash” as a result of my first fall.I learned quite a bit on our rides together. It was hard work, but I found it to be a fun experience. I am not giving up fishing as my primary hobby though.Mountain bikers, particularly those who like the extreme sport of downhill mountain bike racing, come to this area to practice.There are many trails that run downhill from the Sierra City to Downieville area, about 12 miles or more depending on the trail.As a result of this mountain biking availability, the only two new stores that I saw in town were mountain-biking related. I guess this is no surprise considering the number of bikes that we saw on the road and on cars.The one bike shop is next to the bakery just after you cross the bridge across the Downie river into town.My son and I wandered in there for a cherry turnover and cinnamon roll after visiting the bike shop. I have stopped at this bakery often. It has changed some, but the baked goods are still great, and they now serve food, as well.Our daily runs into the store at Bassets for ice for the cooler or a special treat such as ice cream after a bike ride were fun. The store is well stocked with supplies that those camping would appreciate, and it serves food. We have stopped by here before when we were on day trips for a bite of lunch.The trip was great as we timed it well enough to miss the major thundershower event, only to be greeted by it while we were unpacking at home in Truckee. It was a wonderful trip with my son and we even has some great fishing, although fishing was not what we did most.Fishing ReportWith the warm weather most lake fish have headed for the comfort of deeper water. As a result anglers fishing early or late in the day, or those fishing deeper water have been most successful. Keep this in mind for your fishing outing.Boca – (37,454 ac. ft.) Boca has been fishing fair to good. Most anglers fishing from shore near dam are having some success. Most anglers use nightcrawlers or Powerbait. Boaters are having fair success on Kokanee. Most are using a combination of flashers and a wedding ring or Kokanee Bug with a piece of white corn. Those trolling for trout are using a combination of flashers and a nightcrawler or minnow imitating lure. Flyfishermen near the inlet should have fair to good action using a variety of nymphs, streamer, and emergers.Donner – Fishing has been fair to good. Most anglers fishing for rainbows on the west end and near the launch ramp have had some success. A few large fish have also been reported. Nightcrawlers and Powerbait seem to be the main bait. Trollers using minnow imitating lures have had fair to good success. Kokanee fishing has also been fair to good. Most are trolling Ted’s Bugs, Kokanee Bugs or wedding rings with a piece of white corn behind a flasher.Lake Tahoe – Fishing has been good for mackinaw. Most fish are in the five- to seven-pound range. A guide is highly recommended if you are fishing for mackinaw for the first time. Toplining and shore fishing is fair. Remember tributaries to Tahoe opened July 1 and will close again on Sept. 30.Martis Lake – (Martis is restricted to artificial lures with barbless hooks. Zero fish may bagged or possessed) Fishing is fair. Most use nymphs such as the Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Damselfly imitations or the A.P. Small midge patterns have also been good at times. Streamers that imitate small fish, and woolly buggers are also good choices. For surface activity, patterns such as the Quiqley Cripple, Martis Midge, Parachute Adams, and Griffith’s Knat are good choices.Little Truckee River – Fishing has been fair to good. Most anglers are using nightcrawlers, powerbait or salmon eggs at the inlet of Boca reservoir. Flyfishermen are taking fish on nymphs, emergers and streamers.Prosser – (24,004 ac. ft.) Fishing here has been fair to good. Bank fishermen using nightcrawlers or Powerbait. Most trollers are pulling a combination of flashers and nightcrawlers or a minnow imitating lure. Flyfishermen near the inlets have taken a few fish mostly on nymphs and streamers.Stampede – (214,082 ac. ft.) Stampede is fair to good. Most shore anglers are taking a few fish. Most use the typical baits, nightcrawlers or Powerbait. Those throwing lures are also having some success. Topliners have fair to good success for kokanee salmon. With the warm weather, the fish are being found in deeper water. Most use a flasher of some sort and a kokanee bug or wedding ring with a piece of white corn.Truckee River – The release from the dam at Tahoe City is at 318 cubic per second Fishing has been good on the river. Lots of pressure though. The thunderstorm activity slowed things for a couple of days, but the river is now very fishable. Bait, lures or flies have been successful in the river between Tahoe City and Truckee. Caddis and yellow stone activity in the evenings.In the wild trout section below Truckee flyfishermen are using nymphs such as the caddis larva, prince, birds nest, hares ear, or pheasant tail with good success. For dries try a humpy, elk hair caddis, or a parachute adams are hard to beat.Other Waters – Frenchman fished fair this past week. The latest reports indicate that the fishing has slowed a bit. Davis lake has been planted and fishing has been fair. Jackson Meadows is fishing fair.Milton Reservoir has been fishing fair to good for flyfishermen. Middle Fork of the Feather River & Portola Area – The Middle Fork of the Feather River and many of the smaller streams in the area have been heavily stocked and are fishing fair to good.Sierra Sun E-mail: sun@tahoe.comVisitors Guide | News | Diversions | Marketplace | Weather | CommunityCopyright, Materials contained within this site maynot be used without permission.About… 

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