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Tanner Hall talks Dew Tour and beyond

Courtesy Bo Bridges/Winter Dew TourTanner Hall flies high above the superpipe en route to a first-place finish in the first stop of the Winter Dew Tour at Breckenridge, Colo. Hall placed third in the second stop at Mount Snow, Vt., and is ranked first ahead of Justin Dorey and Simon Dumont entering the third and final stop at Northstar this weekend.

Fulfilling his media duties from Mels Diner in Reno Tuesday morning, Tanner Halls voice dripped with the type of excitement that only fresh snow can evoke.Are you coming up to ski some of this new snow, the skiing superstar was asked?Youd better believe it … Im going to be skiing (Wednesday) and Im stoked, said Hall, who flew into Reno on Monday night to prepare for the final stop of the Winter Dew Tour at Northstar the Toyota Championship.I havent been shreddin too much soft stuff lately. Ive been in a u-ditch way too much this winter, so Im ready to shred some pow-pow.The thought kicked his anxiousness into a higher gear.Im ready to ski the Sades, man, go up to the Fingers and get gnarly and go to the extreme, Hall added with more energy yet, talking about renowned terrain at Squaw Valley.Powder skiing aside, Hall came to town to handle his business in Northstar-at-Tahoes superpipe Saturday night.After the first two stops of the inaugural Winter Dew Tour, he ranks first in the mens freeski superpipe ahead of Justin Dorey and Simon Dumont. And the standings are tight, as Hall leads with 280 points to Doreys 270 and Dumonts 240.In the first Dew Tour event at Breckenridge, Colo., Hall took top honors by piecing together a high-flying technical run featuring a 1260 followed by back-to-back 900s, a flat 360 and a switch 1080 at the bottom. Judges awarded him a score of 90. Dorey was second with 85 points and Duncan Adams third with 81.On stop No. 2 at Mount Snow, Vt., Hall placed third behind Dumont and Dorey. On Saturday he anticipates a showdown between the top three skiers in the superpipe standings.Me, Dorey and Simon are going to have the biggest Battle Royale yet, he said. …Its going to be an exciting weekend.Thats not all Hall had to say about the Winter Dew Tour Toyota Championship. Check it out.

SS: About the Dew Tour, what was your impression of the first two stops so far?Hall: Awesome dude. Im super stoked that the Dew Tour came in and actually gave us a tour with more than one event and with an overall champion, and could be mixed in with snowboarding. It took so long for us to be mixed together. So Im stoked. I think its sick. Halfpipe skiing right now, theyre trying to mix it in and figure out how to get it in the Olympics. And the last thing we need to be doing is riding with a bunch of moguls skiers and aerialists. I dont see why we arent competing at Grand Prixs for snowboarding and all that type of stuff to get us in the Olympics and they just took skier-cross. So I think the Dew Tour is a huge leap in the right direction. The amount of effort theyre putting into it, and the way they treat the athletes, the quality of their slopestyle courses, the quality of the pipes, just making sure everybody is on point and everything is going smooth for everybody, I mean, its amazing.SS: So have you formulated what it will take to win the overall in the pipe?Hall: Yeah, I have, and you know what man? Ive been stressed and Ive been thinking so much lately and this and that, my mindset is just to go out and have some fun, you know what I mean? I definitely want to throw the gnarliest pipe run Ive ever thrown in my life, but uh, Im definitely going to have a lot of fun. … The last couple stops, and the X Games, I was stressed, and thats not my style, thats not how Ive always done it, so Im just going to take it back to the old ways and just let it ride.SS: Any strategy entering the comp, or will you just kind of wing it once you get there?Hall: Im just going to wing it when I get there man. Its nice that Im pre-qualified for the finals already. Me, Dorey and Simon are going to have the biggest Battle Royale yet.SS: What do you think the judges will be looking for in the contest?Hall: The judges will be looking for amplitude plus technicality, just both sides. If youre launching and doing crazy tricks, thats what its going to take. And if you have the full package, like spinning both ways, having switch hits, throwing alley-oops, spinning down the wall, switch alley-oops, just like how many combos you can come up with and put it all together and make it look (good).SS: Any new tricks you plan to pull out at Northstar?Hall: Kind of, yeah. Well, yeah, I definitely am.SS: Are you willing to give that away?Hall: Well, its just a variation of a double flip up top and a switch 1080 at the bottom.SS: Whats your idea of an ideal halfpipe?Hall: My idea of an ideal halfpipe is in the middle of nowhere with Frank Wells (of Snow Park Technologies) cutting it every day for us. And just me and my homies, a huge sound system right by it, with snowmobiles there to take us right back to the top.SS: Why should people come out to Northstar to watch the Dew Tour?Hall: Because its going to be hot, man. Its going to be the sickest weekend Tahoe has seen in a long time. We got Common and Tweak Bird I dont know who that is, but Common is going to rock it. Shaun White is going to be up there, myself, Simon Dumont, Justin Dorey. Its just going to be a wild weekend. This is the last stop to (determine) the overall champions will be named out here. Its going to be an exciting weekend.

SS: Hows the winter been in Park City? (where Hall lives)Hall: Actually its been a slow start, but just like Tahoe right now its just getting nuctified on and its actually starting to build a base. And the backcountry is just now starting to go off. SS: Why dont you live out here in Tahoe?Hall: I did. I used to live in Glenshire for a little while back in, I think it was 01. I was 18 years old and was living with Evan Raps, C.R. Johnson, Skogan Sprang and Shane Anderson. So it was a pretty righteous household of skiers.SS: Whens the last time you were out here?Hall: I was hanging out there this summer at C.R. (Johnsons) house for awhile.SS: Have you seen C.R. lately?Hall: Yes, actually, he was out at my house and we did some filming together, and Im going to be staying at his house out here (in Tahoe Donner). Were going up to B.C. together in the beginning of March. But hes been good, man, hes on point right now. Hes starting to ski with a lot of confidence again, so definitely be ready for a comeback from that kid.SS: Youve probably seen his progression as much as anybody since his accident.Hall: Oh yeah, dude. Its insane to see where hes come from since the very first day I went out with him (after the accident). He was telling me not to do stuff because he thought I was going to fall and hit my head. I was just like, Buddy, dont worry about me. Just worry about whats in front of you. But yeah, hes on point and Im super proud of him.SS: I know you travel around a lot across the country. Do you have a favorite resort in the lower 48?Hall: Yeah, Mount Baker (Wash.) That place, to me, is the only place that well, not the only place but its a real ski resort. They run that whole area on generators, and theres no high-speed quad lifts, its the gnarliest mountain ever. The in-bounds terrain that you can access, some of it is terrifying. That to me is a real mountain.SS: What have you been up to this season? Have you been filming or competing more?Hall: Ive been definitely doing a whole lot more contests this year. Im taking a year off from making a movie. Just trying to formulate a plan for the next one. Travis Rice, with Thats it, Thats All basically stepped up the game to a whole new level, so were just trying to figure out how to make a good movie that not necessarily lives up to Travis Thats it, Thats All standard, but we definitely want to open some eyes kind of like Travis did. So right now its just brainstorming about ideas, and after the brainstorming comes trying to get a bunch of money from people. And thats always fun.

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