Throw this dog a bone |

Throw this dog a bone

Contrary to the common thought that reporters should and do know what’s going on all the time, we do not have antennae sprouting from behind our ears telling us when and where a story is going to happen.

We do have a radio scanner.

It tells us if there’s an unconscious transient behind Safeway or a fire drill at the high school.

But I write sports. Not many of my stories come from the scanner.

That’s where the readers come in.

While this is not the biggest community on the planet, it is diverse and with so many people’s hands in different cookie jars, we can’t possibly know what’s going on everywhere.

But I live on the North Shore and have heard mumbling about the Sierra Sun being “Truckee’s paper.” About a lack of coverage for the North Shore.

I’ve also noticed fewer public comments about North Shore stories.

That tells me that the Tahoe community is not reading its paper anymore.

The North Shore still does have a community paper, and in large part, it’s up to the members of that community to get what they think is important inside its pages.

All of us here in the newsroom have a beat, an area to cover. I am dedicated to North Tahoe ” I write sports, outdoors and lifestyle stories having to do with anything between Tahoma and Kings Beach and even out to Squaw Valley.

Do you know a North Tahoe graduate who is playing a sport in college?

Do you know a local athlete doing something extraordinary?

Is your neighbor doing backflips off his roof on a skateboard?

There is no shortage of amazing people here and no shortage of great stories to tell.

I want to tell them. But I need to know about them in order to do that.

This summer, I’m challenging the Tahoe-based Sierra Sun readers to give me story ideas. I can’t promise you anything ” I may not have time to write up a story on your son’s Little League home run.

But if you send me a short game summary with as many correctly spelled names as you possibly can, it will run.

The opportunity to send in Little League game write-ups and have them published is there. It was there all of last season as well as the current one. Yet, not once in two years has a North Tahoe Little League coach or parent submitted anything.

For the sake of the kids, please take advantage of this opportunity.

That goes for all youth and recreational sports. Your child will be thrilled to see his or her name in the paper after a great AYSO game ” or any other sport for that matter. While we can’t go out and cover those events, if you send us the information, we’d love to run them in print.

So throw us a bone; get your story in print ” whether you tell it in your own voice or work with me to tell it in mine.

In the end the Sierra Sun is a community paper “it’s our paper, it’s your paper.

So if you’ve got something you feel is fit to print, I want to know about it.

Alex Close writes sports for the Sierra Sun and is the Assistant Editor of the Tahoe World. If you’ve got story ideas, he’s all ears. He can be reached at 584-3415 or by e-mail at

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