Truckee football blog | Fallon vs. Truckee – the sequel |

Truckee football blog | Fallon vs. Truckee – the sequel

Keith Thomas
Sierra Sun Truckee football blogger
Courtesy of Bob Shaffer Jr.Colin Christian hurdles a player during a regular-season game at Surprise Stadium. The Wolverines will host Fallon in the opening round of the Northern 3A playoffs Saturday at 1 p.m.

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“The Trick Play”

Dayton likes the “fake punt” and the “fake field goal”. Virgin Valley likes the “fake timeout” and sometimes the “backward skip pass”. Moapa Valley likes the “reverse” or “fake reverse” on kickoffs.

There is also the “HB option”, the “Flea Flicker” and the “Statue of Liberty”, You name it…

Fallon used the “backward screen pass” to the WR to “trick” the Wolverines in to biting on the play, the WR then threw it down field to another streaking Fallon player, and the result was the first score on the Wolverines since November of 2009.

Fallon will attempt to throw “anything” up on the wall on Saturday, to see what might stick this time,….hoping SOMETHING sticks.

I can just hear Head Coach Brooke Hill telling his players, “You guys stayed right with them (the Wolverines), for the whole first half”, trying to inspire them, persuade them, convince them…

Heck, even Coach Rick Walker of Dayton, said something to the effect that he was glad his team made the playoffs but didn’t have to go to Truckee.

But the truth is this; TWO plays….TWO plays, that is it, that is all.

Sure, those two plays resulted in two TD’s for the Green Wave, and knotted the score at 14, midway through the 2nd quarter, but after that, it was over, fini, finito, done.

The first, is described above, the second was a long “go pattern” where the receiver got behind the defender. They were the first points scored on the Wolverines in 25 quarters.

After that 2nd TD, the Green Wave NEVER made it back into Truckee territory, …the rest of the game.

A fan on one of the Blogs commented, after hearing the final score, “I think they must have pi**ed off Truckee.” I had to laugh, as I knew exactly what he meant.

When I watched the Wolverines file out of the locker room in Fallon, after halftime, leading only 21-14, I saw a team I had not seen all season.

Stoic, silent, looking straight ahead, focused, with not only “a look” of determination, but I could almost “feel” it, all the way across the stadium.

I turned to the gentleman next to me and said, “Fallon will NOT score in the second half.”

The Wolverines WERE apparently, “pi**sed off”, but I prefer the words of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto from the end of the classic 1970 film, “Tora, Tora, Tora”, where he states, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant.”

For more fun reading on this quote:

The “Sleeping Giant” had in fact, been awakened. The Wolverines exploded for 43 points in the second half, while holding the Green Wave to no trips into Wolverine territory.

Let’s hope that “Sleeping Giant’ shows up on Saturday, as it’s the Playoffs, and it is time to be “the Giant” that IS Truckee Football.


Speaking of Giants, congratulations to the San Francisco Giants for winning the World Series in dominating fashion. Their first title since 1954, and first since moving from N.Y. to the “City by the Bay” in 1958.

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