Truckee Little League results |

Truckee Little League results

Following are scores from the last week of play in Truckee Little League. Scores reflect those turned in by coaches by Monday at noon.Carson Valley vs. Ames Deli Mart DiamondbacksOutstanding batting by T.J. Dwyer, Daniel Hall and Paul Smith. Kevin Schlessinger pitched game one, Greg Gadsby pitched game two. Ames Deli Mart senior Diamondbacks split a doubleheader in Carson Valley at Lampee Field.Tito Memorial Dodgers 15 – Kyle Adams DDS 5C.J. Brown was 3 for 3 with a home run and a grand slam. Ryan Peedan was 2 for 2. The Dodgers had awesome defense from Kyle Sundale, who made two outs on first and Trevor Thompson caught a fly ball at home plate for a great play. The game was cut short at the top of the fifth.Yankees 13 – Truckee PInes Apartments Giants 10Tyler Gorsuch hit a home run in the sixth inning. Beau Blanford and Dylan Victor made a double play in the second inning.”It was a valiant effort,” said June Sylvester.Lions Club Cubs 27 – Orioles 26Kevin Barchas hit three home runs and had multiple RBI; Dylan Carroll had a home run and an RBI; Dylan Secrist hit a home run and several RBI.Andrew Pado made a great double play; Hailey Vincent caught a pop fly for an out; Tucker Ballister ran a runner down at first.”It was an unbelievable comeback in the sixth to score 13 runs for a one-run win,” said Sue Simmons.For the O’s, PAco Lopez was 4 for 4 with three runs, seven RBI, a home run and a grand slam; John DePew was 4 for 4 with three runs and three RBI; Shawn Conway was 4 for 4 with two runs and two RBI; Collin Towle was 4 for 4 with three runs and an RBI; Katie Dill was 4 for 4 with three runs and two RBI; David Rogiers was 2 for 3 with two runs, three RBI, one sacrifice fly, a home run and a double.Conway caught a line drive and Lopez made three unassisted putouts at shortstop.”A very exciting game, the Cubs scored seven runs with two outs in the sixth inning to pull out a win,” said John Pratt. “Both teams hit really well.”Baskin Robbins Angels 22 – High Sierra Paint Ball Devil Rays 22Ryan Zusy and Shane Bergot each hit line drives. Outfielder Casey Gorman and Cooper Johnson each went 2 for 2 with great hits. Ashley Dennis and Mason Roberts each had two RBI. Matt Duncan was outstanding as catcher. Hannah Zusy did a great job at third base catching 10 grounders and making two outs. Brian Gomez was awesome at infield, getting several grounders. Leah Clifton and Ashley Mckechnie were great at first and second base.”The Angels played a tough game, offensively and defensively,” said coach Rob Duncan.Baskin Robbins Angels 27 – Summit Crane 27Ashley Mckechnie and Leah Clifton went 3 for 3. Matt Duncan and Brian Gomez each had three RBI. Mason Roberts caught several grounders playing pitcher. Ryan Zusy was awesome at shortstop and first base.Leading the defense, Gomez made several playsat first base. Copper Johnson made a great throw from right field. Ashley Dennis was great at left field. Casey Gorman was a good second baseman.”The Angels played a competitive game,” said coach Rob Duncan. “They are a great team.”Sierra Pet Clinic 11 – Longs Drug Orioles 6The A’s took the quick lead. Morgan Walters hit a double, driving in three runs. In the second inning, Joe Click hit a hard single, also driving in three runs. Excellent first-time pitching by Matt Hardy in the fourth inning. Great pitching by Kyler Coxson and Casey Phelan.North Lake Pediatrics Rockies 18 – Vacation Property Rentals Reds 12B.J. Carter and Steve Carter hit home runs, while Jonathon Riley, Evan Hyland and B.J. each went 4 for 4. Nicole Zissimos and Megan Davin had key hits to seal the game for the Rockies. Tim Curtis and Chris Smith each homered in a losing effort for the Reds.Ryan Newland was the defensive standout for the Reds and Austin Prouty and Jeremy Jensen were notable for the Rockies.North Lake Pediatrics Rockies 14 – CTF and Assoc. Yankees 2Cole Hodges went 3 for 4 with a home run, and Steve Carter, Jonathon Riley, Evan Hyland and Austin Prouty were 3 for 4 in a solid offensive attack. Defensively, the Rockies had two double plays – Hodges to Hylan to Carter and a pop-up force out at first.Coaches said the Rockies put together a balanced offense, along with a tight defense to stop the Yankees.Angels 7 – Truckee Pines Apartments Giants 3Ryan Pearce batted in a run in the fifth. Mikhail Fernandez caught a fly ball for a third out in the third inning. “It was an exciting game,” said June Sylvester. “Both teams played well.”Rockies 11 – Mariners 8Justin Gardner hit a double, one RBI and a single with one RBI. Joshua Kneeskerns pitched two no-hit innings.Rockies 11 – Orioles 10Travis Heard hit a single with an RBI; Chris McKnight hit a single with two RBI.Yankees 16 – Vacation Property Management Reds 12Jessee Freeman went 3 for 4 with three singles and three RBI. Kevin Bahr went 1 for 3 with a hit and an RBI. Will Collin made some great defensive plays.Rockies 18 – Vacation Property Management Reds 12Chris Smith and TIm Curtis both hit home runs. A.J. Delforge went 3 for 4 with three singles and an RBI. Kevin Bahr played well defensively.Cubs 15 – Vacation Property Management Reds 13Dustin Coldren went 3 for 4 with a home run, two singles and two RBI. Garrett Thompson also went 3 for 4 with three singles.James Franck made some key defensive plays.Truckee River Associates A’s vs. MarlinsJoshua Davis roped a line drive to the right field wall. Ryan Vincent was hot at the plate with three big hits. Kyle Zell remains a rock in the infield. Matthew Rickert snagged a line drive up the middle. Dylan Licciardo played a great game at catcher.”The teams are playing hard and having fun,” said Joseph Ferrerra.Lions Club Cubs 13 – Andy’s Diner Angels 8Hailey Vincent went 3 for 3; Quinton Evans went 3 for 3 and home runs came from Evans, Dylan Secrist and Tucker Ballister. Great defensive plays to score outs were by Vincent, Myles Allen, Augie Schott and Ballister.Rockies 14 – CTF and Assoc. Yankees 2It wasn’t sunstroke Saturday morning throwing the Yankees off their game – it was Rock-stroke.Bo Mustain was 2 for 2 with two singles and an RBI; Pablo Esquivel was 2 for 2 with two singles; Cruz Esquivel was 1 for 2 with a double and an RBI.On defense, both Kevin Cowie and Cruz Esquivel caught fly balls. Trevor Johnson and Sawyer Stratton were the two scoring players. It is rumored there was a low chant of, “We’ll be back,” from the Rockies’ bench.CTF & Assoc. Yankees 8 – Cubs 5And back the Yankees were with their hottest defensive game of the season. Top batters: Sean Mooney was 3 for 3 with singles; Matt Hoehn was 3 for 3 with singles and three RBI; A.J. Gerhard was 3 for 3 with a single two doubles and three RBI.Shortstop Cruz Esquivel fielded two plays, throwing to first baseman Dustin Folck for two outs. Gerhard caught a fly ball in the third inning, throwing to first-baseman Folck for the first double play of the season. PItcher Preston Williams also caught a fly ball. Coach Mike Hoehn said, “Awesome, absolutely awesome.”CTF and Assoc. Yankees 13 – Giants 10Brent Welsh was 3 for 4 with three singles; Cruz Esquivel was 3 for 3 with two singles, a home run and two RBi; Dustin Folck was 3 for 3 with three singles and an RBI; A.J. Gerhard was 3 for 3 with a single, two home runs, two RBI and Preston Williams was 3 for 3 with three singles and an RBI.Yankee defense was outstanding. Pablo Esquivel and Sawyer Stratton thought two heads were better than one racing for a fly ball, and crashed into each other. After the dust settled, Stratton had the ball in his mitt.Stratton was on a roll at second base, tagging out two players in the fifth and three players in the sixth, shutting down an awesome comeback attempt by the Giants.Don’s Welding Yankees 16 – Eberhart Construction Giants 15Scott Bosco was 2 for 3 with a single, a triple and two RBI; Tony Lavezzo was 2 for 3 with a single, a double and three RBI; Nick Tennant started the game with a hard-hit single; Nate Lannoy hit a two-RBI single that clinched the game’ Kevin Sahlberg hit a single to bring in an RBI.Angela Gonzalez played heads-up second base; Scott Nikkel was a strong catcher; the outfield held the flies with Josh Brown in right, Katie Geresy in centerfield and Lavezzo in leftfield. Strong relief pitching from Sahlberg. Scott Bosco made a putout at third. Defense was strong with Tennant and Paris Tenorio at shortstop, Mike Burke on second and Lannoy on first.”The team is working together well. Go Yankees,” said Kim Forsch.Lions Club Cubs 15 – Vacation Property Management 13Hailey Vincent hit a home run. The following had RBI: Dylan Secrist, Tucker Ballister, Vincent, Myles Allen, Danny Secrist, Michael Kruck and Augie Schott.Defensively, Ballister and Dylan Secrist caught pop flies for outs. Dylan Secrist stopped a grounder and threw to Andrew Pado for an out at first. Dylan Carroll threw to Pado to stop a runner at first for an outstanding double play. Great backup at second by Ballister to get a runner out after the ball was dropped.”Solid game between two evenly-matched teams,” said Sue Simmons.Rockies 11 – Longs Drug Store Orioles 10Chris Peeden, Andy Dahlen and Scott Decker scored two runs apiece. Ryan Bauman, Marshall Harvey, Brew Blanford and Cole Froelich each added one run. Owen Smith was 2 for 2 with two RBI. Austin Lynch was 2 for 2.Froelich had seven strikeouts in two-and-a-half innings pitched. Dahlen took out three at the plate. Lynch put out two at first.A’s 11 – Longs Drug Store Orioles 6Cole Froelich was 3 for 4 with three runs scored; Drew Blanford, Andy Dahlen and David Susman each scored one; Scott Decker was 3 for 3; Kiernan Mooney was 2 for 3 and Jake Racicot was 2 for 3.Dahlen and Chris Peeden teamed up for a great out at first. Marshall Harvey had an unassisted out at second.Rockies 11 – Burger King Mariners 8Brent Freeman was 2 for 2 with one run scored; Nick Heil hit a home run; Danny Kruck singled and scored a run for Burger King.Burger King Mariners 14 – A’s 7Great pitching by Brendan Driscoll, Patrick Hartman and Daniel Cramer shut down the A’s offense, Hitting stars for the Mariners were: Cramer, who was 2 for 2 with three runs scored; Jacob Harper with a double and three runs scored; Casey McDaniel with one run scored and Loren Meyer, who homered to seal the victory.Burger King Mariners 14 – YankeesMatt Kulak was impressive from the mound, pitching two innings and striking out two; and also scoring three runs.Daniel Cramer closed with five strikeouts. Tommy Nichols singled and scored one run. Gordon Neelands was 2 for 3 with three runs scored. The Mariners are 8-5.Sierra Pet Clinic A’s 15 – Eichardt’s Construction Giants 12Ricky Pierce led the way for the A’s hitting doubles in the first and second innings, bringing in two runs each time for the A’s. Joe Click hit a double for the A’s in the third inning, followed by Matt Hardy hitting a double with two runs in.Erik Newland pitched a very quick third and fourth innings, finishing the walk-a-thon in the first and second innings to lead the A’s to victory.”It was a great game by all,” said Esther Walters.Law Offices of Brent P. Collinson 12 – Sierra Pet Clinic A’s 10Great hitting by Scott Kelly. Joe Click, Pat Galvin, Eric Newland and Casey Phelan.Great defense by Brian Cordell, Ricky Pierce, Kyler Coxson, Jackson Callahan, Matt Herty and Morgan Walter.The A’s finished the season with only three loses.”Great all-around team spirit and effort by all,” said coach Tony Hardy.

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