Truckee players honored on All-State/All-League teams |

Truckee players honored on All-State/All-League teams

Sierra Sun staff reports
Photo by Josh Miller/Sierra SunTruckee quarterback Paul Tierney (right) and wingback Jamie Maehler were named Co-Offensive Players of the Year in the Northern 3A.


Player of the Year: James Edwards, Spring Creek

Offensive Player of the Year: Paul Tierney, Truckee

Defensive Player of the Year: Randon Nunez, Truckee

Coach of the Year: Bob Shaffer, Truckee

Lineman of the Year: Chris Lamping, Moapa Valley

-First Team

QB – Paul Tierney, Truckee

RB – Nick Cabral (Truckee), Mitch Barlow (Boulder City), Kyle Floyd (Pahrump Valley)

WR – Jamie Maehler (Truckee), Zach Davis (Moapa Valley)

TE – Brandon Snow (Boulder City)

OT – Kendal Burton (Truckee)

OG – Jon Riley (Truckee), Chris Lamping (Moapa Valley)

C – Logan Hunt (Truckee).

Return – Zach Davis (Moapa Valley)

LB – Cody Gerhard (Lowry), D.J. Schwartz (Moapa Valley), Jimmy Williams (Truckee), Dan Ballou (Truckee)

DE – Tommy Kokenge (Truckee), Jorge Vasquez (Truckee), Chris Lamping (Moapa Valley), Chase Doty (Moapa Valley)

CB – John Hooper (Truckee), Josh Washington (Faith Lutheran)

S – Randon Nunez (Truckee), Julio Terrazas (North Tahoe)

P – Jamie Maehler (Truckee)

PK – Zach Davis (Moapa Valley)


Player of the Year: James Edwards Spring Creek 11

Lineman of the Year: Khris Torrise Spring Creek 12

Co-Offensive Player of the Year: Paul Tierney Truckee 12

Jaime Maehler Truckee 12

Defensive Player of the Year: Randon Nunez Truckee 12

Coach of the Year: Bob Shaffer Truckee


Quarterback Paul Tierney Truckee 12

Running Backs James Edwards Spring Creek 11

Nick Cabral Truckee 12

Andrew Reed Lowry 12

Receivers Jaime Maehler Truckee 12

Zane Walker Dayton 12

Tight End Danny Hopper Dayton 12

Offensive Tackles Khris Torrise Spring Creek 12

Kendal Burton Truckee 12

Offensive Guards Jason Cox Spring Creek 11

Jon Riley Truckee 12

Center Logan Hunt Truckee 12

Return Specialists Travis McCurry Fernley 10


Quarterback Travis Wood Dayton 10

Running Back Julio Terrazas North Tahoe 12

Cody Gerhard Lowry 12

Gabe Villacorta Sparks 11

Receivers Trent Wood Dayton 12

Johnny Strickler Lowry 12

Tight End Kevin Embertson Truckee 12

Offensive Tackles Ian Casey Truckee 12

Steven Kirk North Tahoe 12

Offensive Guard Chris Leonard Fernley 12

John Wallis North Tahoe 12

Center Chris Willis Sparks 11

Return Specialist Colby Satterthwaite Spring Creek 11


Quarterback Dan Henderson Fernley 11

Running Backs Bryce Saddoris Spring Creek 11

Micah Cabajal Truckee 11

Kevin May Dayton 12

Cody McDougal Fernley 12

Receivers Gordon Neelands Truckee 12

David Neumann Spring Creek 12

Tight Ends Josh Aaker Dayton 11

Offensive Tackles Adam Wriglesworth Spring Creek 11

Jacob Sorenson Lowry 12

Offensive Guards Sean McCall Sparks 10

Garrett Hockett Spring Creek 12

Center Dayton 11


Defensive Line Ray Vela Dayton 11

Tommy Kokenge Truckee 12

Jorge Vazquez Truckee 11

Defensive Ends Khris Torrise Spring Creek 12

Danny Hopper Dayton 12

Kyle Steverman Truckee 11

Linebackers Cody Gerhard Lowry 12

James Edwards Spring Creek 11

Scott Brower Dayton 12

Dan Balloa Truckee 12

Jimmy Williams Truckee 12

Corners John Hooper Truckee 11

Gavin Lofstedt North Tahoe 12

Safety Randon Nunez Truckee 12

Julio Terrazas North Tahoe 12

Punter Jamie Maehler Truckee 12

Kicker Benji Islas Truckee 12


Defensive Line Colin Breckenridge Dayton 12

Dan Allred Fernley 12

Kaden Glinsmann Lowry 12

Defensive Ends Kevin May Dayton 12

Steven Kirk North Tahoe 12

Linebackers Dustin Maguin Fernley 10

Phil Eldridge Spring Creek 11

Joe Lipnosky Truckee 12

Chris Orsborn Sparks 11

Corners Shane Goodale Lowry 12

Nick Costa Truckee 12

Safety Jim Bailey Spring Creek 12

Trent Wood Dayton 12

Punter Danny Hopper Dayton 12

Kicker Gavin Lofstedt North Tahoe 12

Trent Wood Dayton 12


Defensive Line Chris Willis Sparks 11

Defensive Ends Denver Schaffarrick Truckee 12

Kyle Killian Spring Creek 11

Linebackers Andy Salazar Dayton 12

Jacob Sorenson Lowry 12

Randy Jansen North Tahoe 12

Bryce Saddoris Spring Creek 11

Corners Zach Bristol Lowry 11

Colby Satterthwaite Spring Creek 11

Safety Johnny Strickler Lowry 12

Zane Walker Dayton 12

Punter Michael Watkins Spring Creek 11

Kicker Shane Goodale Lowry 12


MVP: Sam Fahrner, North Tahoe

Coach of the Year: Christian Johnson, Pahrump Valley

-1st Team


Taylor Checketts, Spring Creek

B.C. Lampman, North Tahoe

Scott Eberhardt, Truckee


Jerry Zimmerly, Pahrump Valley

Chase Sniezyk, Faith Lutheran

Terrill Trask, White Pine

Jordan Basile, North Tahoe


Chad Towles, Pahrump Valley

Marnix Ramirez, North Tahoe

Kyle Adams, Truckee

Jason Sylva, Pahrump Valley


Jason Sylva


Ruben Martinez

-2nd Team


Jose Espinana, Sparks

Wesley Icard, Pahrump Valley

Brandon Hale, Faith Lutheran


Jack Coppola, Boulder City

George Delgadillo, Incline

Jeff Holly, Pahrump Valley

Rodriguez, Spring Creek


Jordan Holzer, North Tahoe

Joey Rivera, Pahrump Valley

Kyle Danner, White Pine


Clayton Bena, Truckee


Chris Shay, Boulder City


Player of the Year: Sam Fahrner 12 North Tahoe

Offensive Player of the Year: Jose Espana 11 Sparks

Defensive Player of the Year: Kyle Adams 12 Truckee

Coach of the Year: Frank Avilla Sparks

-1st Team

B.C. Langeman Forward 12 North Tahoe

Scotty Kloerhardt Forward 11 Truckee

Jose Espana Forward 11 Sparks

Jordon Basile Midfielder 12 North Tahoe

Sam Fahmer Midfielder 12 North Tahoe

George Delgadillo Midfielder 11 Incline

Kyle Adams Defender 12 Truckee

Jordan Holzer Defender 12 North Tahoe

Tim Prebezac Defender 12 Whittell

Marnix Ramirez Defender 11 North Tahoe

Clayton Bena Goalkeeper 12 Truckee

Ruben Martinez Utility 12 Truckee

-2nd Team

Cesar Bernal Forward 11 Incline

Eric Dita Forward 11 Truckee

Francisco Delgado Forward 10 North Tahoe

Luis Perez Midfielder 11 Sparks

Ramiro Aguilar Midfielder 12 Truckee

Juan Vazquez Midfielder 11 North Tahoe

Matt Bagan Midfielder 11 North Tahoe

Ronld Perez Defender 12 Sparks

Fausto Ramirez Defender 11 North Tahoe

Julio Mendietta Defender 12 Incline

Adam Northrop Goalkeeper 11 Sparks

Manuel Raab Utility 12 Truckee

-Honorable Mention

Jesus Franco Forward 10 Incline

Abner Aguirre Forward 12 Sparks

Jonathan Sosa Forward 10 Whittell

Luis Maldonado Midfielder 12 Truckee

Paulino Arellano Midfielder 12 Incline

Daniel Ramirez Midfielder 12 North Tahoe

Anthony Cordova Midfielder 11 Sparks

Nathan tiras Defender 12 Incline

Travis Ganong Defender 11 North Tahoe

Kevin Flynn Defender 11 Truckee

Michaele Basile Goalkeeper 9 North Tahoe

Scott Lusby Utility 12 Whittell


MVP: Alec Drew, North Tahoe

Coach of the Year: Dave Elliott, Faith Lutheran

-1st Team


Carly Wood, Incline

Kylie McBeath, Faith Lutheran

Courtney Davies, Faith Lutheran


Camille Gannam, Truckee

Erica Rockwell, Spring Creek

Michelle Parker, North Tahoe

Christy Riva, North Tahoe


Morgan Drew, North Tahoe

Kayla Keener, Boulder City

Jessie Kautz, Truckee


Courtney Verhaalen, The Meadows


Jenna McCoy, Boulder City

-2nd Team


Krystal Martinez, Spring Creek

Leigh Selsener, The Meadows

Jenna Lowrance, Truckee


Mia Perhacs, Incline

Jordan Hastings, Pahrump Valley

Katie Gast, Lowry

Jazmyn Henry, The Meadows


Casey Baumbach, Whittell

Sara Coleman, Pahrump Valley

Mandi Hawkins, Spring Creek


Mallory Sharp, Truckee


Inge Sorenson, Moapa Valley

Whitney Hardee, Truckee


Co-Players of the Year: Alec Drew North Tahoe

Camile Gannam, Truckee

Coach of the Year: Amy Valdivia, Truckee

-1st Team

Carly Wood Forward Incline

Alec Drew Forward North Tahoe

Jenna Lawrence Forward Truckee

Mia Perhacs Midfielder Incline

Michelle Parker Midfielder North Tahoe

Camile Gannam Midfielder Truckee

Christy Riva Midfielder North Tahoe

Morgan Drew Defender North Tahoe

Jessie Kautz Defender Truckee

Casey Baumbaem Defender Whittell

Mallory Sharp Goalkeeper Truckee

Whitney Hardy Utility Truckee

-2nd Team

Liz Marinello Forward Incline

Sara Grossman Forward Truckee

Nicole Oxandaroure Forward North Tahoe

Kati Bell Midfielder Incline

Alex O’Neil Midfielder Truckee

Holly O’Brien Midfielder Whittell

Tiffany Stanburn Midfielder Incline

Amy Harris Defender Incline

Hannah Ewing Defender North Tahoe

Mimi Precit Defender Truckee

Anna Marie Junes Goalkeeper Incline

Jessie Rubbins Utility North Tahoe

-Honorable Mention

Michelle Zarick Forward North Tahoe

Courtney Pennacchio Forward Incline

Ariana Rodriguez Forward Whittell

Mikki Rice Midfielder Incline

Tara Buffington Midfielder North Tahoe

Melissa Kleffman Midfielder Truckee

Cassidy Iverson Midfielder North Tahoe

Ali Marriner Defender Incline

Nikki Panziera Defender Truckee

Jarely Diaz Defender North Tahoe

Cindy Jiminez Goalkeeper North Tahoe

Marissa Mckool Utility Whittell


Player of the Year: Amanda Sbragia, Dayton

Co-Coaches of the Year: Stephanie Wade, Lowry

Sondra McMullen, Dayton

-1st Team

Amanda Sbragia Middle Blocker 12 Dayton

Kristen Elias Middle Blocker 12 Incline

Erica Ingle Outside Hitter 12 Lowry

Rachel Ericson Outside Hitter 11 North Tahoe

Mary Delgadilo Setter 12 Truckee

Allison Cunningham DS/OPP 12 Lowry

Michelle Bowman Utility 11 Dayton

-2nd Team

Kristy Ingle Middle Blocker 12 Lowry

Melody Warnes Middle Blocker 12 North Tahoe

Jami Bell Outside Hitter 12 Incline

Cisca Moore Outside Hitter 12 Spring Creek

Yesenia Escalante Setter 12 Yerington

Kelly Lefevers DS/OPP 11 North Tahoe

April Lemos Utility 12 Yerington

-Honorable Mention

Kylie Owsley Middle Blocker 10 Lowry

Sara Kilgore Middle Blocker 11 Yerington

Nicole Greer Outside Hitter 12 Dayton

Amber Daggitt Outside Hitter 12 Fernley

Lauren Hall Setter 12 Incline

Macy Hamlin DS/OPP 12 Dayton

Rylee Beam Utility 12 Sparks

Whitney Sheldon Utility 12 North Tahoe

Loren Myers, of Truckee, made Second Team All-League and Second Team All-State.

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