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Why we fish

I have often times wondered why I enjoy fishing. For some it may only be one thing, but for me, it’s probably everything about the experience.

It’s hard to say.

When I began to fish as a child, it was just the fact that I was getting out with my dad, brother, or uncle to do something in the outdoors.

Spending time with them doing anything would have been fine, but fishing is what we did together. As a child I had some early success, which certainly does not hurt in capturing one’s interest.

As I grew, so did my interest in other forms of fishing. Whether it was dunking salmon eggs for planted rainbows, fishing on a party boat for striped bass, or just fishing for carp in a pond with doughballs; I enjoyed to fish.

I guess being outdoors was part of the allure, and the older I get the more I enjoy my surroundings. This year my outings to Pyramid Lake have been enjoyable, both because of the change in scenery and for the fishing itself. Seeing the lake shrouded in fog or entirely blanketed with snow during the winter were highlights that I will not soon forget.

Now, as the warmth of spring is melting the snow and water has begun to flow, I can look out my back yard and see robins, quail and other sure signs of spring, such as grass and bare ground.

After a winter of fishing away from our region, we can now begin to look towards fishing locally. As the lakes’ ice in our area begins to thaw, we begin to able to fish them; we seem to look closer to home for our fishing opportunities.

Is it the fish that we catch that makes fishing so appealing? The fish can be magnificent-looking wild fish or somewhat less-than-beautiful hatchery-raised trout. They can be rainbow, brown, brook, golden, or lake trout. Even kokanee salmon, mountain whitefish and smallmouth bass can be in your local catch; quite a variety of fish from which to choose.

Maybe it’s the friends with whom we fish. The social aspect of fishing, whether it be with family, good friends or acquaintances, is also a big part of the sport.

Why we fish is part of the motivation. Do we fish so we can have a trout dinner, for sport or just to be outdoors?

Finally, how we fish may be why we like to fish. Some like being out in their boats, others like sitting and relaxing from shore while soaking a worm or powerbait, others enjoy the hike to some backcountry waters, and others like wading or fishing from a float tube. Whether trolling, spinning, bait fishing, or fly fishing; we all enjoy our own form of the sport.

Whatever it is, the bug that struck me some 48 years ago still has me in its grips today. Why do I fish? I guess I do it for all of the above reasons, and because I have fun with it.

Bruce Ajari is a Truckee resident. “Gone Fishin'” appears regularly in the Sierra Sun.

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