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Wolverine boys eager for playoffs despite losses

Matt Riddle

Despite losing three straight, Wolverine boys’ basketball is still making a playoff run.

Feb. 5, the team fell to third place Dayton, 10-4 (15-9 overall), in Dayton, 73-68, then to second place Rite of Passage, 11-2 (15-5 overall), in ROP’s gym, 76-43. On Saturday first place Bishop Manogue, 12-1 (19-3), came and stole the show, 86-60.

Against Dayton, Jason Ames led with 15 points, followed by Brian McMullen with 14 then Jamie Maehler with 13.

One difficulty Truckee had against ROP was the fans: Everybody comes out.

“ROP’s a hard gym to play in,” Ames said. “The whole school is there, cheering.”

They were only down by seven at the half, though.

“We just lost it,” Ames said.

In the ROP game, Ames led again but with 14 points, followed by McMullen with 11.

Then came the big home game against Bishop Manogue.

“I hate Manogue,” Maehler said with a grin. “I had to have a good game against them.”

But he wasn’t without due respect.

“They’re a good team,” he said.

The Miners were able to slowly out-distance the Wolverines. The first period ended the fast play at 25-18 in favor of Manogue. During the second period, the play hadn’t changed that much, as Manogue outscored Truckee, 16-8 for a 41-26 halftime lead.

The third period was fast with a lot of shots and steals. It seemed like Truckee was going to give the Miners a run for their money. However, the Miners were able to slowly keep pulling away from the host team. It was clear the Miners weren’t going to be beaten Saturday.

“Let’s just have a good game,” Maehler said of his team’s attitude. “We just want to maintain a spot, to make it to Zones.”

The game still featured strong play from Jamie Maehler. At one point, he faked out a defender then made a shot in the paint while surrounded by three Manogue players halfway through the fourth period. A couple fouls in the waning seconds pushed Manogue’s lead to 86-60 for the final score.

“We went in knowing we were the underdogs,” Ames said. “They were towering over us.

“They got a lot of offensive rebounds.”

Maehler led with 26 points, including 11 of 17 from the line.

The last two games are against Lowry Friday at 7:30 p.m. and Spring Creek on Saturday at 2:30 p.m.

The Wolverines lost to Lowry on Jan. 24, 66-42, in Winnemucca and beat Spring Creek the next day, 63-60, in Spring Creek.