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Podcast: Tahoe TAP with Mayor Devin Middlebrook

The Tahoe T.A.P. podcast is your comprehensive source of Things to do, Adventures to take, and People around the Lake.

In addition to local headlines, Earth Week happenings and top Easter brunch options; our special guest this week is the Mayor of South Lake Tahoe, Devin Middlebrook!

Devin is a native of South Lake Tahoe, the youngest Mayor in SLT history, a senior planner at the TRPA and an active community pillar. He is sure to bring a solid mix of progressive thought and local precedent to every conversation.


Podcast: Tahoe TAP with TRPA’s Joanne Marchetta

Welcome back to the Tahoe TAP podcast – your comprehensive source of things to do, adventures to take, and people around the lake.

Hosts Mike Peron and Rob Galloway hope you have your brain sponge squeezed dry and ready to soak this one up. We’re bringing you a summary of local news headlines, conversation starters for your dinner party plus an overview for springing back to normalcy in terms of events.

Finally, batting in the clean up spot, Joanne Marchetta, executive director of Tahoe Regional Planning Agency providing a palatable explanation of a very complex and necessary agency for Lake Tahoe.

The TRPA is a bi-state compact agency whose mission is to cooperatively lead the work to preserve, restore, and enhance the natural and human environment of the Lake Tahoe Region. Since 2009, she has led the agency and basin through transformational changes to strengthen the environment, economy, and communities of Lake Tahoe. She came to Tahoe in 2009 to serve as TRPA’s General Counsel before taking on the leadership role as Director. Joanne serves on the Board and Executive Committee of the Tahoe Prosperity Center. And she enjoys spending time with her partner, walking with her dog, martial arts, hiking, cycling, reading and experiencing all the best of Tahoe’s outdoors options.

Listen: Tahoe TAP Podcast with Denise Upton

For the month of March on Tahoe TAP, we highlight women pillars in our Tahoe community. This episode, as always, we recap the hard work of reporters at Tahoe Daily Tribune and Sierra Sun with our local news headlines followed up by various national topics.

Plus, in honor of National Old Stuff Day on March 2, we chat about some of our favorite old monuments, buildings, and journeys around the Tahoe basin.

Our highlight interview of the podcast finishes with Denis Upton from Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care.

After joining LTWC in 1995, Denise became one of the most hands-on volunteers involved with the daily care at LTWC. She served on the LTWC board for six years and was the president for two terms before being hired as Animal Care Director in 2014. More than anything, her life revolves around Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care.

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Podcast: Tahoe TAP with Ryan Carr

The Tahoe TAP is your comprehensive source of Things to do, Adventures to take, and People around the Lake. Our special guest this week: Ryan Carr!

Ryan Carr is the Performance Supervisor and a certified Mental Performance Coach at the Barton Center for Orthopedics & Wellness. Prior to Barton, Ryan was a performance and strength/conditioning coach at Princeton University, Seton Hall University, Iona College, and the University of Hartford. His purpose is to live with passion, presence, and optimism, and to positively impact people to maximize their potential so that we can all create and live the life we love!  His workshops (both group and 1-on-1) with local and national organizations help people realize the importance and enjoyment of training their minds through performance psychology.


LISTEN: Tahoe TAP Podcast with Daron Rahlves

Our special guest this week: Daron Rahlves!


Daron Rahlves, former Olympian, American World Cup alpine ski racer, freestyle skier and RedBull athlete extraordinaire was born in Walnut Creek and currently resides in Truckee, CA.

He is one of the most celebrated skiers in history as a 4-time Olympian (1998, 2002, 2006, 2010), World Champion (Super-G Gold in 2001) and winner of 28 World Cup podiums overall. Most importantly, he is a proud father of twins and loving husband to Michelle Rahlves!

UPDATE: Missing teen last seen at Lake Tahoe beach found safe

Sean Asquaga, a missing 17-year-old Reno resident who was last seen at Chimney Beach late Monday afternoon, July 17, has been found safe and unharmed.

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong reported at 11:16 a.m. that Asquaga was found at the Marlette Dam. The sheriff added that the teenager will be transported back to Carson City to family members via paramedics.


EARLIER VERSION: Search underway for missing Reno teen last seen at Lake Tahoe beach
Law enforcement continues to search for a missing Reno teenager last seen Monday, July 17, at a beach on Lake Tahoe’s North Shore.

Sean Asquaga, a 17-year-old Reno resident, was last seen at Chimney Beach late Monday afternoon when he became separated from his group of friends, according to the Carson City Sheriff’s Office.

Search and rescue crews out of Carson City and with the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office remained at the scene throughout the night searching for Asquaga.

“Search crews are on scene at this time with air, boat, and foot crews scouring the area along the Carson and Washoe County shore lines along Highway 28,” stated a Tuesday morning, July 18, Facebook post by the Carson sheriff’s office.

Asquaga was last seen wearing black shorts with no shirt. The teenager does not have his prescription glasses. He is described as being 5 feet 10 inches tall, with a heavy build, black hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information regarding Asquaga’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Carson City Sheriff’s Office at 775-887-2677 or the nearest law enforcement agency.

Tips for a safe, fun kayaking trip on Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe provides some spectacular paddling experiences, as do some of the waterways surrounding the lake. With any activity that occurs on water, though, there are always safety concerns.

If you’ve read the newspaper lately, you’ve likely seen the multiple instances of kayakers and paddleboard user getting themselves into dangerous — sometimes fatal — situations for any number of reasons.

Although not all paddlers who get into a dicey situation are at fault, many of these incidents can be prevented, or at least mitigated, with some foresight.

One place to avoid if you are unsure of conditions is the Upper Truckee River.

“One of the first things someone could do for safety is having a [personal flotation device] on and zipped up,” said Brandon Miller, owner of SUP Tahoe. “Some people will just have it nearby and think they will be able to grab it, but it can get away from you quickly. It’s also important to have a leash on your paddle.”

SUP Tahoe has whistles attached to the flotation devices it provides, so a paddler can be heard from a significant distance if they encounter trouble, according to Miller.

Simply wearing a PFD properly and leashing paddles are two of the most basic things a paddler can do that will go a long way if a dangerous situation occurs. According to Miller, wearing a PFD can also aid with cold water shock. Although it doesn’t do anything to prevent the physiological effects of cold water shock, being able to stay afloat can be the only thing that allows a person to make it to safety.

Things that are beyond the paddler’s control can come into play as well. Although Lake Tahoe may appear calm most of the time, that can change quickly with strong winds causing a lot of problems.

“It’s important to pay attention to red flag warnings on the lake,” said Patrick Gillick, of Tahoe Sports LTD. “Don’t go out on windy days.”

According to Gillick, wind is something that plays a larger role in safety than people realize. Wind can cause a vessel to become unstable and potentially capsize.

If you do happen to capsize, experts say just remaining calm is crucial.

“Where we live, the conditions can change very rapidly,” said Sean Justus, sales consultant at Americana Surplus. “That can cause someone to panic if they aren’t expecting something to happen.”

Justus explained that righting a capsized kayak can be relatively easy if the person remains calm.

“You need to get the boat turned over first so you can enter from a comfortable position. You can lock your leg inside if it’s a sit-on-top and barrel-roll it back top side.”

If you don’t have the ability to do that, Justus said that laying your body over the middle of a capsized kayak and reaching on the other side to pull it towards you can right the kayak. If in the water and the kayak is already upright, laying your body perpendicular over one of the ends of the kayak then slowly pivoting to be parallel with the kayak can ease the transition back into your seat.

“You should always bring a dry bag with some supplies,” said Justus. “I always bring water and a few other necessities, like a first-aid kit.”

Just being aware of your surroundings and being comfortable with your gear and clothing can influence safety.

“Paddlers should make sure they have a boat they feel comfortable getting in and out of and putting in and out of the water,” said Gillick. “And be sure to wear comfortable and appropriate clothing.”

Gillick explained that not knowing where you are going is something that could possibly cause problems, too. There has been debris reported in waterways and hitting limbs or trees can submerge a kayak.

And lastly, being aware of where other boaters are can help kayakers avoid problems with wake. Lake Tahoe has a no-wake zone of 600 feet from the shore to assist with both swimming and boating safety.

Distressed swimmer rescued in Tahoe City

A distressed swimmer, who apparently suffered a medical issue, was rescued Saturday morning, July 8, off the shore of the Chinquapin Condo complex in Tahoe City, the North Tahoe Fire Protection District said in a statement.

Firefighter and paramedic Kevin Gilley brought the swimmer ashore using a rescue board, shore zone rescue techniques, and equipment. The swimmer was taken up a steep embankment, and then transported via ambulance to a hospital, the fire protection district said.

The swimmer’s condition has not been updated as of Sunday afternoon, July 9.


Placer County woman arrested for alleged embezzlement from local youth groups

A Newcastle bookkeeper was arrested Thursday afternoon, July 7, for allegedly embezzling at least $100,000 from local youth groups, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office said.

Kerry Avery, 41, was taken into custody after a search warrant was served at her home following an investigation into missing funds from Newcastle-Ophir Youth Soccer Club, Newcastle Parent Teacher Club, and Mid-Placer Little League. Avery served as a volunteer treasurer for the groups, the sheriff’s office said.

The arrest marked the second time in three weeks that Avery has been jailed. Sheriff’s office detectives also arrested Avery on June 27 on charges of embezzlement, forgery, and identity theft.

She allegedly embezzled $18,000 from an unidentified man’s business while working as his bookkeeper. Avery has also worked for other entities as a self-employed bookkeeper.

Anyone who believes Avery may have victimized them should contact the sheriff’s office at 916-652-2445.

Marijuana community advisory group member resigns; Nevada County may appoint replacement

Matthew Shapero, a member of Nevada County’s cannabis community advisory group, has resigned his post, effective immediately, county officials say.

The county has posted the vacancy on its website, and officials on Tuesday, July 11, will speak to the board of supervisors about a possible replacement. However, that decision is up to supervisors.

Shapero, formerly a member of a panel that will craft recommendations for a permanent marijuana grow ordinance, told officials that he submitted his resignation letter because he’s accepted a job in Southern California and is moving from the county.

The now 15-member board is next scheduled to meet at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Foothills Event Center, 400 Idaho Maryland Road, Grass Valley. It’s the fourth of eight scheduled meetings for the advisory group.