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Cessna does tail-stand at Truckee Tahoe Airport

The nose of a Cessna Citation X rises into the air at Truckee Tahoe Airport after snow accumulated on the plane's tail from last night's storm.
Courtesy of James Shues / Truckee Tahoe Airport

Last night’s storm pounded the region with heavy, wet snow, but at Truckee Tahoe Airport, one aircraft took a stand against the winter onslaught.

As the airport was hit with more than a foot of snow, the tail of a Cessna Citation X began accumulating enough “Sierra Cement” to send the nose rising into the night.

“It actually tilted relatively slowly,” said Aviation & Community Outreach Services Manager Marc Lamb. “Those aircraft, the engines are huge on them on the back, and last night we had blizzard-force winds plus that heavy snow. It just tilted it up.

“It definitely isn’t totaled. It might need some repair work, but it will again be flyable.”

The airport didn’t identify the owner of the business jet, but said it landed in Truckee several days ago and didn’t leave because it needed servicing.

“Usually planes leave, especially when there’s inclement weather forecast,” said Lamb. “We do not have hangars big enough for that aircraft. So, typically they would come in, drop off their passengers, and then leave. Because it was needing service, they left it there.”

Airport crews were still working to get the jet back on all wheels as of 3:30 p.m., according to Lamb, using airbags to lower it in an effort get the aircraft down before the next storm hits this evening.