Rev up for ‘Don’t Blow Up Your Car Seminar 101’ |

Rev up for ‘Don’t Blow Up Your Car Seminar 101’

TRUCKEE, Calif.— We all know the accident rate for new young drivers is high as they hit the road in the first few years of their driving careers.

But did you know that more new drivers will actually do damage to their vehicle engines as a result of missed maintenance than will damage the body due to an accident?

Let’s face it; new drivers are not thinking about what it takes to maintain a vehicle when the CD is popped into the player. Ignoring maintenance and not knowing signs a vehicle requires service could result in a roadside breakdown, major repair, or even a fast trip to the junkyard.

Parents can breathe a sigh of relief as Truckee’s Quality Automotive and Smog steps up to educate and inform young drivers about some things to know before getting behind the wheel.

On May 29 at 5:30 p.m. leave the lecturing to the pros at the “Don’t Blow Up Your Car Seminar 101.” The short information session aims to turn every new driver into a more responsible vehicle owner.

“It takes more than gas to keep a car on the road,” said Gary Gunter, service writer and young driver himself. “New drivers tend to forget to check the basics before trips and ignore important warning signs that the vehicle is headed toward trouble.”

Prevention and education will make the difference for attendees who learn about general maintenance and how to identify the signs of a problem needing attention.

Go start your engines new drivers and know it will take you where you need to go.

Make a reservation by calling Quality Automotive and Smog at 530-587-1933. The seminar is $10 and all attendees receive a $10 coupon toward service.