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Local man repairs 2,000-foot tower on TV

Nick Cruit
Sierra Sun

TRUCKEE ” Truckee resident Shane Best will appear on the season finale of National Geographic’s World’s Toughest Fixes Wednesday at 7 p.m. on the National Geographic Channel.

The feature will give an inside look at how Best scales and repairs a 2,000-foot-high cell phone tower in Sue Falls, S.D.

“These are big-time fixes that have real world consequences,” said Toughest Fixes Senior Series Producer Rob Kerr in an interview. “We brainstormed and searched for fixes on a monster scale that are not only unique and visually interesting but also take viewers into environments in a way that has not been seen before on television.”

Two camera men joined Best on the tower during filming with a helicopter crew to capture the action from the sky.

“We are a strange breed of people who can do this,” said Best.

Best will be flying back for from Scranton, Penn., in time to join his wife, Amanda, and friends for the show.

Tune in to National Geographic, cable channel 37, to see Shane best one of the world’s toughest fixes.