Grab a bottle of basil for what ails you |

Grab a bottle of basil for what ails you

Sarah McCallum
Special to the Sun
Basil essential oil helps detoxify the body and lift spirits.
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I love the smell of fresh herbs being foraged.

Nothing is quite as uplifting and rejuvenating to my spirit as the scent of basil. This lovely herb is known for its culinary usage in Italian-inspired dishes. But there is oh so much more to the basil plant than pizza and pasta.

This particular herb has as many as 40 different varieties growing all over the world. Basil contains properties that are antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic, making for a powerful remedy.

You can use this essential oil to help relieve any congestion from the lungs/chest, prostate and ear canals. Apply a cotton ball with a few drops of basil essential oil onto the opening of a child’s ear for earaches or mild infections and you’ll notice instant relief.

Essential oil of basil is a strong muscle relaxant; apply a bit to your feet at the end of a long day for an unwinding ritual before bed. While you’re nodding off the oil will continue working as it aids your stomach in digestion, due to its antispasmodic qualities.

The oil works internally to detoxify the body by disinfecting the urinary tract and the veins/arteries. This oil also acts as a diuretic, encouraging the flow of excess water weight and aiding in dietary changes.

As the body eliminates toxic wastes, the mind will eliminate feelings of fear or anxiety with the help of basil essential oil. It makes for a fabulous postoperative potion in order to help the person come back into homeostasis. Furthermore, basil essential oil can help curb cravings for drugs, alcohol, sugar, tobacco or caffeine when a person is battling addiction.

The aroma of this essential oil alone is enough to revive someone from a down day almost immediately, and that is pretty powerful stuff!

Sarah McCallum is a massage therapist at North Lake Massage & Skin Care

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