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Michael L. Conn: Facing some reality

There are many things one could learn from the many religions prevalent on Earth. Buddhism has some well-developed beliefs that closely parallel the scientific method. That is, they have proven over time the practical realities as opposed to the theoretical postulations and desired fantasies of so-called progressive thinkers.

Having evolved over thousands of years, the Dalai Lama has expressed the findings of Buddhists quite clearly. These beliefs are directly observed and applicable today.

Regarding Teachers or Masters …

“The proof of whether a Master is authentic or not depends on how convincing or implausible his or her teachings are after analysis.”

… In other words, the proof is in the pudding. Under the guidance of President Donald Trump, the enormous success of America is now visible on several fronts. In only two and one-half years, many of these positive achievements have not been seen for over a half century… in spite of an army of “Resistance at All Costs” opponents. As a result, the prosperity, justice, happiness, and overall wellbeing of Americans are rising rapidly.

And more… “In someone whose mind is not disciplined, knowledge that is purely theoretical can induce and nurture unfortunate states of mind that bring about unpleasantness for oneself and others. Because this danger is very real, it is always important to link theoretical knowledge with its practical application.” … think AOC.

The Dalai Lama cites 10 negative actions that poison society … “Four relate to speech: lying, divisive speech, harsh speech, senseless speech or gossip.”

… What immediately comes to mind are the current Socialist-Democratic party “leaders,” specifically, their presidential candidates, House committee heads, Speaker of the House, multiple newly elected Democratic members of Congress, the Minority Head in the Senate, and above all CNN and MSNBC.

Michael L. Conn

Alpine Meadows

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