Obituary: William John Carson |

Obituary: William John Carson

William John Carson, 66, died March 6, 2010, after an extended illness.

Bill was born Dec. 26, 1943, in San Fernando, Calif., to William Carson and Dorothy Keith. He was a fourth generation Californian and a self-taught artist and wood carver. He worked with stone bronze and wood. He migrated from Southern California to Lake Tahoe in 1988 where he continued his passion for woodworking and artistry. He passed away peacefully in his Tahoe Vista home, surrounded by his family.

His passion for life was evident to all who knew him. He loved nature and beauty and interaction with friends and family. He was a man of great integrity and character, amazingly able to be completely present in the moment. He married wife Deborah on May 19, 1993, in Tahoe Vista.

During the last two decades he painted thousands of little childrenand#8217;s faces at the numerous craft fairs he attended, as well as delighting young audiences with his antics during storytime with his wife and partner Deborah Hakam. Among his many passions was a love of riding his motorcycle. May he ride now forever unencumbered and free. Bill will be greatly missed by this community and all that knew and loved him.

He is survived by four daughters, Heather, Laura, Sheree and Samantha; four stepsons, Mathew, Erhan, Jeffrey and Morgan; one brother, Michael; four sisters, Linda, Alice, Darlene and Marlene; 14 grandchildren; and 3 great grandchildren.

A tentative memorial service is scheduled for noon on Saturday, April 3, 2010, at 249 Pino Grande Road in Tahoe Vista.