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Ride of the Week: Ice Skating on Prosser Creek Reservoir

Seth Lightcap/Sierra Su

Do you skate on Prosser reservoir often?

We’ve been skating here for eight or nine years. This is our seventh day of lake ice skating this winter but only our second day on Prosser.

How are today’s ice conditions?

It’s not too bad. The ice is 6 to 10 inches thick and not too rippled. There is a lot of white snow ice that gets grabby as it heats up though.

Do you feel skating on frozen lakes is inherently dangerous?

No, not if you take basic precautions and know the conditions. You can’t take the ice thickness for granted. You should test the conditions each day and be very cautious around pressure cracks, inlets and outlets. Before we came out today we talked to some fishermen who had measured the ice thickness.

Have you ever seen someone fall through the ice?

Yes, we were skating on Donner Lake two winters ago on the same day a man fell through. We had carefully avoided the area he was in because the ice was less than an inch thick.

What is the minimum amount of ice you would skate on?

We’ll skate on two inches but we won’t play hockey on it. Generally you want the ice three to four inches thick before you skate on it.

Where else have you been skating around Tahoe?

We have skated on Donner Lake, Cascade Lake, Boca Reservoir, Eagle Lake and Washoe Lake.

Do you ever skate indoors?

No, we haven’t been in a long time. After you get used to skating on lakes the perfect ice surface indoors feels pretty slippery.

Any advice for those interested but inexperienced with open water ice skating?

You have to use your head. If you haven’t been skating on a lake before talk to others who have and find out where the dangerous spots are. Just like backcountry skiing you don’t want to do it alone and you should bring safety equipment like a rope.

” The Sun’s Seth Lightcap performed this week’s interview and photo shoot. For Ride of the Week suggestions, send an e-mail to slightcap@sierrasun.com, subject ride.

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